SummerHouseMV: Summer Goes Off + Alex Puts Summer on Blast During WWHL Appearance

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Summer opens up about her nana, who raised her.

The latest “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” begins with Summer calling her grandmother.

Summer spoke on the phone with her nana, who is recovering from surgery that affected her eyesight. Her nana adopted her as her mom dealt with addictions. Summer also doesn’t know who her father is and talked about this in an earlier episode this season. In her interview, she mentioned she’s dealing with abandonment issues as a result of her childhood. This also affects her friendships with everyone in the house.

This call occurred as Preston was planning his cocktail hour event, and his now fiancé Donald was coming to the house. Donald arrived in time for the event, along with Bria’s boyfriend Simon. As Donald talks to the group when he arrives, Preston lets viewers know they’ve been dating for almost three years after meeting in 2019.

As they talk, Simon asks if Phil will be at the event. Preston tells him that he can invite Phil to the event. In the green screen, Preston says that while he and Phil are in a good place, Phil better “know his place.”


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Mariah apologizes to Bria.

When the event begins, everyone shows up. This includes Phil, whose plus-one is Mariah. But first, Amir introduces everyone to his girlfriend, Natalie. Jordan and Natalie express pleasantries and compliment each other on their outfits, which are the same color.

When Phil arrives, Nick doesn’t acknowledge him, and Bria ignores Mariah until Mariah pulls her aside. Bria thanks Mariah for reaching out all the times she did, and Mariah explains why she reacted the way she did about Milo’s items mixed with her clothes. She mentions she’s allergic to dogs and didn’t realize Amir was the one to do it. In an earlier scene, Amir spoke about how Mariah demanded an apology and contacted him about it.

Meanwhile, with Phil, Jordan doesn’t speak to him, and Phil’s conversation with Alex, Amir, and Nick doesn’t go anywhere. But they did accept his apology.

Nick felt Phil was unprepared to apologize and didn’t express remorse for his actions.


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Summer goes off.

After the cocktail hour, Jordan hosted a “Freaknik Party” honoring the history of the famous Atlanta event. The event had a theme of sorts, which included airbrushed clothes, shorts, and loud music. Nick put fake tattoos all over his body, and everyone wore scantly clad clothes.

As the event went on, Amir told Jordan how he met Natalie. Natalie tells Jordan and the group she’s looking forward to working with him professionally, and Amir mentions that engagement is the next step for him, shocking everyone. In their green screens, the cast express feelings that Amir may be moving too fast.

At the end of the party, Summer and Bria have a misunderstanding over a racy question asked of everyone in the hot tub. As Summer walks away during this misunderstanding, Bria shouts, “You’re scared!”

This leads to Summer going off. When everyone returns inside, Bria and Noelle are in Shanice’s room. A still fuming Summer notices this and heads to Shanice’s room. She wants to know why she’s left out of the fun, and Bria tells her that she yelled at her. She then sees Noelle in a wig and feels that Noelle is making fun of her. Noelle takes off the wig and runs after Summer to apologize.

The episode ends with Summer going off and knocking items off tables and counters.


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After the episode aired, Alex was on “Watch What’s Happens Live” with Kandi Burruss. During the episode, Andy Cohen asked Alex a question about Summer.

Andy asked:

“Did you see what she rated your hookup as?” After Alex said he watched, Andy continued.

“She gave it a five. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your hookup?”

Alex didn’t directly answer the question. Instead, Alex revealed how Summer seemingly acted like an ex although they weren’t that.

“I’m not gonna rate it but I just think it’s interesting and really rich that she came up there and said that. And the day before she was leaving me voice notes like a crazy ex-girlfriend.”

Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts about the episode.


  1. Summer is obviously going through a lot right now and acting out. But she needs to realize she can’t take it out on the others because that isn’t fair. I believe Alex also. She acts hurt that their hookup didn’t become more.

  2. Amir’s girlfriend is…something is really off with her. It doesn’t seem like he’s in a healthy relationship.

  3. Summer is annoying she should’ve gone to counseling before the vacay 🤦‍♀️. I agree Amir’s gf got some stuff going on outside of being insecure with him im wondering what else, yea not healthy!

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