SHMV Star Mariah Torres Shades Jasmine Ellis Cooper & Amir Lancaster

Mariah SummerHouseMV
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Mariah Torres and Amir Lancaster had an awkward conversation on SHMV.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” star Jasmine Ellis Cooper struggled with balancing the newlywed life with her longtime friendships during the show’s first season. She still wanted to be the fun woman her girlfriends enjoyed partying with while she was single. However, her husband, Silas Cooper, wanted her to be a housewife. This eventually made some in the house wonder if Silas could be controlling. Regardless, Jasmine and Silas made it through the contentious period. Now the couple is expecting. And since Silas was deployed before the cast began filming the second season, Jasmine was hopeful her best friend Mariah Torres could be her support.

Mariah also had an eventful first season of SHMV. She was voted out of the house because she pushed housemate Bria Fleming. The ladies argued about Mariah’s laundry mixed in with the belongings of Bria’s dog, Milo. Amir Lancaster later revealed he was the one who mixed up the items.

Bria told Jasmine that Mariah needed to go. After a house vote and conversation with Silas, Jasmine tearfully asked Mariah to leave. The situation strains the friendship.

Interestingly enough, Summer Marie Thomas has now put her hands on Bria and newbie Noelle Hughley. But there haven’t been any conversations about voting her out of the house.

During the latest episode, Mariah confronted Amir about his role in last season’s drama. While Amir regretted how things turned out between Mariah and Bria, he told her she was ultimately responsible for her actions.


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Did Jasmine Ellis Cooper and Mariah Torres fall out?

Mariah addressed this and more on X.

She wrote, “Amir wanted me to get rowdy that whole conversation with the sassy gaslighting 🙄 it even comes off in the edit #summerhousemv.”

Mariah also had some words for Jasmine.

“Another difference between Summer & l is, her friend had her back & at least talked to her… my ‘friend’ nor her husband did not 🤷🏾‍♀️ #summerhousemv.”

Some viewers weren’t feeling the criticism of Jasmine. One X user commented, “And didn’t you shade her in the confessional about how many times she’s been to the Vineyard? Seemed like you were hating. Or was that you being the “friend” you’re talking about her not being?”

Mariah responded, “Baby confessionals are recorded after everything is done. The damage was already done. So you tell me who was being a friend.”

When a fan of the show asked Mariah if she fell out with Jasmine, she said she wasn’t okay with people playing both sides.

“Like let’s be fr! I’m tired of the shoulda coulda wouldas while still playing both sides 🙄 we all have eyes.”


  1. Amir didn’t handle this right but Mariah is still trying to skirt accountability herself. No one made her push Bria. But Summer still being allowed in the house when she’s done worse is completely unfair.

  2. Mariah seems to harbor a lot of negative feelings. She is responsible 100% for her actions. Amir did not gaslight her at all – he barely talked because he didn’t want burst conversation with her. Mariah just cut your losses and make your exit. We don’t need to see you anymore.

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