Former LAMH Producer Fuels Messy Accusations About Destiny Payton

Destiny Payton LAMH
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Destiny Payton isn’t here for her ex-boyfriend moving on with her former LAMH producer.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton is back. As we reported, Destiny returned to the show to confront her ex-boyfriend Moses Monroe. Destiny said she and Moses had been on and off for years. Moses is now married to Sunni Minx. Sunni used to be a field producer for LAMH. She was assigned to work with Destiny while she was spending time with Moses. Destiny felt like she was betrayed because Sunni was the producer she discussed Moses with on several occasions. At some point, Destiny introduced Sunni and Moses. And none of this is sitting right with Destiny. Regardless, Sunni doesn’t think she did Destiny dirty.

During an Instagram Live session, Sunni said, “These men, they do what they do…he already knows he did some things that probably weren’t right in terms of playing both sides or whatever at some point. But I was dating a single man. I will be clear to say there were no signs of this woman around. There were no phone calls coming in. There were no signs that he was even involved with her or anything to that level.”

Messy accusations are going around about Destiny Payton.

Sunni said she and Destiny were only friendly for a couple of months, so she didn’t see Destiny as a friend. But Sunni still contacted Destiny to let her know things had gotten serious between her and Moses.

She continued, “I hooked up with this man later, long after I left the show and I was dating a single man. See this side chick thing is to me is like knowing he’s with someone and you’re just like okay it doesn’t matter, I’m gonna be with you no matter what. Baby, please. Can’t no man toy with me like that. See, y’all let them toy with you for 15 years. But this will never be toyed with like that.”

As the conversation continued, one of Sunni’s supporters asked if Moses was married to his first wife when he was dealing with Destiny.

Sunni said, “Is it factual that Destiny slept with Moses while he was married? Let’s see here, let’s do timeline math. My husband’s 42. She said 15 years so 15 years takes them back, let’s see here, in his 20s. Well, my husband was divorced in 2018…watch Episode 2, child.”

She added, “I’ll just say this tad bit here, he was divorced in 2018.”


    1. Why? It was scandalous! If you’re good at your job then you had conversations about her relationship. And if you remember everyone was talking about her relationship being hidden from the public. No way the field producer didn’t have those conversations! Plus cast members attest to that! Sunni scandalous PERIOD……
      She absolutely had a relationship with destiny and it wasn’t just as a producer.
      What woman says he was dating several other women at the time but is okay with entering a relationship with that man. She is desperate and that should’ve been hands off. By her own admission they didn’t even have an engagement. They just went and got married! Ooooh, karma is a b-tch on wheels, I hope she got a prenup!

      1. Destiny is a horrible person. I have no empathy when horrible people receive their karma. Hope this helps.

    1. Why? Where was destiny wrong? Her producer qmoved on her work of 15 years! Wtf? Seriously?? I think sunni needs to worry about karma because she the dummy that married him so when he walks away with half her sh#t then she will get the picture! Because you’re right karma is a b-tch!

  1. I don’t care how much Sunni wants to clarify, Sunni was Destiny’s producer and they talked, and she was also around Moses. If Moses and Sunni were feeling each other after Destiny broke up with him. They both should have said something to Destiny before anything went down. A phone call, text, or damn a email, what they lost Destiny’s contact information. The situation is just swanky on both Sunni and Moses. I don’t like Destiny, but she deserved some heads up on the situation from them. It’s shady on the happy couple.

    1. Until he snakes her a-s! Remember, she acknowledged that he was dating several women when he was dating destiny but if you were her friend why didn’t you tell her instead of jumping right into a slot? And that ring means nothing except he gets half her sh#it when she catches him doing the same thing to her and probably won’t file for divorce because she thirsty as h-ll. But he gonna leave for the next woman that has more than her!

  2. Doing all of this for a married man is definitely some loser sh-t. I don’t give a d-mn about any of my exes or who they are paired up with. Why is this Destiny’s storyline and why are we supposed to be outraged on her behalf?

  3. Looks like I gotta make some more tea because an entire urn just got knocked over. Open the floodgates 🌊.

  4. Ok, why are you kissing and telling?Serves you right. Stop focusing on Mel to make yourself relevant while trying to get next to Martell and you would have seen this coming.

  5. Sunni is a skank bottom line and Moses slanging community d-ck. Multiple women knew his mode of operation, even Destiny but Sunni foul as they come but she’ll be in the slop with the rest of the pigs shortly!!!

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