Destiny Payton Returns to LAMH to Confront Ex Boyfriend & His New Wife

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Destiny Payton returns to “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” to confront a couple she has questions for.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” returns Saturday, May 4 at 8/7c. Carlos King has promised fans that the new episodes will prove the show has been refreshed. In fact, two new couples have joined the cast. However, one of the couples has a messy connection with a former cast member who is officially returning to the show – Destiny Payton. Months ago, Destiny did an interview to discuss how life has been going since departing LAMH. In addition to her ongoing legal issues involving ex-husband La’Berrick Williams, Destiny revealed she was trying to process the turn things took with another ex, Moses Monroe.

According to Destiny, Moses moved on to someone else she knew, a former LAMH producer. And not just any producer, but the field producer assigned to assist her during her filming process. Destiny felt violated because she recalls talking to the producer about her relationship with Moses. To make matters even more complicated, Moses is now married to the former “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” producer.

Well, Destiny’s LAMH return will focus on this particular situation. According to the official press release about the upcoming episodes, Destiny ends up confronting the couple about the relationship.

“In season five of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, many secrets will be uncovered. Martell faces legal troubles. Stormi and Courtney discover an unexpected love triangle as they reconnect with old friends. Destiny returns with a splash to confront her ex-boyfriend, who is now married to a former producer of the show. Meanwhile, LaTisha and Marsau struggle with the pros and cons of working with family on Maurice and Kimmi’s new investment property. Also, Melody takes the ladies away to a tropical isle to work on their friendships where everyone’s past comes to a head.”


  1. So they only brought Destiny back to embarrass her and make light of how unprofessional the production team is. Yeah, y’all I’m about tired of all these reality shows.

  2. Why she’s not needed on the show. She has a bad attitude and was closed off. I guess Karma came for her! Girl bye!

  3. LAMH is hanging by a thread. I bet the ratings are low so they’re desperate for any story lines right now so why not bring back Destiny? I just want to know if she still has her business.

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