SMHV Star Nick Arrington is Frustrated by Housemates Meddling in His Relationship

Nick Summer House Marthas Vineyard
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Nick Arrington’s housemates will test his relationship on the upcoming episode of SHMV.

The “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” cast invited their significant others to the house a couple of episodes ago, and this will cause major drama during the next one. Nick Arrington wanted the house to be spotless before his girlfriend Tasia arrived. Although some of the cast didn’t know Nick was in a relationship last season, he said things had gotten serious. Nick credited Tasia for giving him grace and understanding he is flawed. Interestingly enough, Nick’s relationship with Tasia will be tested because of the actions of Amir Lancaster’s girlfriend Natalie. The perception of Nick being too “handsy” with his female housemates will be brought up again by Natalie.

A few episodes ago, Jordan Emanuel and Summer Marie Thomas told Nick he could be handsy after he’s had drinks. But they didn’t feel like he had officially crossed over into creep territory. Nick appreciated the feedback. It seemed as if all parties thought the issue had been resolved. During the trailer for the upcoming episode, Natalie tells Shanice Henderson and Noelle Hughley she can talk to Tasia. She assigns herself to be the person to inform Tasia about Nick allegedly being handsy.

“I can bring it up to her attention, like, hey I wanna let you know what’s been going on in the house with Nick.”

In the following scene, Natalie says to Tasia, “Can I chat with you real quick? I just wanna keep you in the loop.”

When Nick is eventually caught up to speed about what is going on, he is visibly upset.

He asks someone, “Do you feel like I get handsy with you?”

Nick continues, “That’s wild to me. I know you want to be included but that **** is ****** up.”


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  1. I really think Nick is a nice guy. I think he’s a creep. Out of all of the guys in the house, I’ve seen Nick trying to sleep with or slept with any of the ladies in the house. He’s a really handsome man!

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