Sunni Minx Calls Destiny Payton a Side Chick + Kimmi Scott and LaTisha Scott Grill Sunni

Sunni Minx LAMH
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Former LAMH producer Sunni Minx drops a messy allegation about Destiny Payton on the next LAMH episode.

In tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Sunni Minx and Moses spill some salacious allegations about Destiny Payton. Last week, Carlos King shocked everyone, including Melody Shari, when he brought Moses and Sunni to the stage for an impromptu interview.

As Destiny’s former producer, many LAMH fans were shocked to see Sunni married to Moses.

During this interview, Carlos asks Sunni if she gave Destiny a heads-up that she was dating Moses. Sunni said she did reach out to Destiny. She told Destiny to call her to speak about this “woman to woman,” but Destiny didn’t oblige. So when she texted Destiny that she was dating Moses, Destiny didn’t reply. Sunni also says Destiny wouldn’t pick up the phone when she called.

Next, Sunni says, “I don’t owe you any loyalty.”

“We don’t have no skin in the game. You [are] not my friend. I owe myself loyalty.”

Lastly, Sunni says she did not marry anyone’s husband and didn’t break up a home. She also says that Moses was dating multiple women when she started dating him. However, she calls Destiny a side chick, shocking Melody, Carlos, and the audience.

“So when were you the main chick!?”

Previously, Sunni did an interview where she spoke about Destiny allegedly dating Moses while he married another woman.


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During another preview for tonight’s episode, Kimmi Scott and LaTisha Scott talk with Sunni about Destiny. They want to learn “the ins and outs” about her and Moses, and LaTisha calls her marriage to Moses trifling. After a brief staredown, LaTisha expresses concerns that their producers could be messing with their husbands. Sunni replies that she didn’t want Marsau or Maurice.

Check out the preview below.


    1. Nobody with half a brain could possibly want none of the men of the cast with the exception of Chris and Stormie husband…who for now appears to have some emotional maturity
      While no huge fan of Destiny this
      Sunni woman is a wanna be famous realty star witch. Her nasty comments are totally unnecessary and zero professionalism. I am sure the realty world TV is a work place not booming with lots of professional black women…she is too stupid to realize she has damaged her credibility with the entire cast of females whether Bravo or OWN etc. who would be places of future employment or a stepping stone to network TV production. Stfu. Carlos King does not care about you…he probably feels a measure of contempt for Sunni and she’s too caught up in getting the last word
      Always reminder karma is real and snakes don’t change they only age.

  1. I don’t know about this. Moses was dating several women when both Destiny and Sunni were seeing him sooo Sunni got the man in his final choice. What did he do…roll dice?
    Moses and Sunni are frontin for the cams.

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