SummerHouseMV Highlights: Nick Confronts Bria, Noelle, & Shanice over Allegations

Nick Arrington Summer House Marthas Vineyard
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Bria and Simon continue their argument.

On last night’s “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” Bria and Simon argue over Simon wearing the Flamingo costume. At this point, Bria threatens to end their relationship, and Simon is frustrated. Meanwhile, Amir is heavily intoxicated and is seen jumping on a trampoline with other guests, having a great time.

After their argument ends, Bria and Simon return to the party, and Simon vents to Alex about their argument.

The next morning, Amir awakens from his hangover, and Natalie hangs out with Bria, Noelle, and Shanice. They have girl talk, and Nick is a major topic. They all feel Nick needs to be honest with Tasia about being “handsy” with a few girls. Bria says Nick is down to sleep with them if given the opportunity.

So Natalie volunteers to approach Tasia later on to talk about Nick.


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Bria and Simon talk things out.

Later, Bria and a sober Simon talk things out. Simon expresses frustration with Bria, threatening to end the relationship. On the other hand, Bria says Simon didn’t read the room and listen to her about the costume. Things get deeper when Simon refers to how Bria acted at an event in Germany. Bria responds that she reacted to people who were racist toward her after she moved to Germany. She expresses feelings of not being protected by Simon on multiple occasions. This includes interactions with people in Germany, including Simon’s family, who she says is racist. They hash things out since neither wants to break up.

Eventually, the group makes it to brunch, and Natalie, who rubs Tasia’s hair and back, tries to pull away Tasia for a conversation. However, Tasia declines in front of Nick, who is visibly frustrated. When they do leave, Nick texts Amir and Natalie. Natalie tells Nick that she wants to give Tasia a heads-up about what Bria, Noelle, and Shanice have said about Nick being handsy and having wandering eyes.

Nick calls out Bria, Noelle, and Shanice.

When everyone returns to the house, Simon approaches Nick to apologize about the night before. He tells Simon about what Bria said about him, and he’s angry. Before he speaks to Bria, he confronts Noelle about it. Noelle says in her interview that Nick’s acting like a guilty man. When Shanice joins the group, she says that while he wasn’t handsy with her, Nick had wandering eyes, referring to looking at her all the time when she was without clothes.

Lastly, Bria joins them, and Nick confronts her about her comments. Bria says she didn’t say Nick was handsy with her. Rather, she said that he was “loose” when he drank and that he had flirted with her. Nick denies this, leading Bria to walk off when he raises his voice.

The episode ends with Bria and Nick having a back-and-forth about the situation.


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  1. Idk some of these ladies act like they don’t want the men to be in relationships. This is the second time they have tried to break Nick and Tasia up.

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