Lateasha ‘Sweet Tea’ Lunceford Gets the Last Laugh Amid Feud with Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Sweet Tea Married to Medicine Season 11
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Lateasha Lunceford isn’t backing down.

Married to Medicine” newbie Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford had a controversial first season. As we reported, she is married to Quad Webb’s ex-husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Fans watched Greg and Quad’s marriage fall apart several years ago on and off the show. Regardless, Quad congratulated the couple on their engagement via Instagram. Unfortunately, the peace didn’t last when Greg returned to the show with Sweet Tea. Quad and Tea had a heated exchange at the reunion. Tea didn’t appreciate Quad’s shady comments about her during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” Interestingly enough, Tea’s most contentious moments involved Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Heavenly is one of the people who talked Tea into appearing on “Married to Medicine” as a main cast member. According to Lateasha, Heavenly convinced her that the show could lead to great money-making opportunities. Heavenly eventually told Carlos King that she encouraged Tea to join the show for laughs and so Quad could read her. Heavenly came for Tea’s looks and difficulty conceiving at the height of their feud. Tea was diagnosed with endometriosis.

In a past episode, Heavenly told Dr. Jackie Walters that Tea looked like she bought her clothes from Target.

“Sweet Tea, she a Target kind of girl.”

Sweet Tea took Kandi Burruss’ approach and turned a “shade tree into a money tree.” She secured a partnership with Target.

The beginning of the Instagram video is the scene of Heavenly telling Jackie that Sweet Tea is “a Target girl.” Sweet Tea agreed.

She said, “And yes ma’am I’m going to be a Target girl from now on because it is giving body. So y’all go check them out. I was really feeling myself in the mirror. But I can’t wait to find more Target finds.”

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  1. Devilish delirious Dr, deep throat is something else, she’s just as ten FACED as they come, plays both sides and clearly thinks she RUNS THE ENTIRE SHOW, old as she is one would think she’d definitely be the mother mindful movement of the group, but apparently everything she’s definitely trying to do to SWEET TEA, is back firing on her demonic desperate AZZ, , she totally reminds me of GIRAFFE LOOKING ATTENTION SEEKING ne ne leaks, always starting s..t, and wants to be the center of attention at all time’s, instead of being wtf you are, all of that MAKE UP, LACED WIGS ETC, have totally clogged up they’re mind’s, sad but definitely true, heavenly is DEFINITELY too old for IGNORANCE FOOLISHNESS AND shenanigans, see how karma works, SWEET TEA has a HUGE contract with TARGET, and I don’t blame sweet tea, I’d read hilarious hillbilly childish AZZ everytime, we all can agree to disagree that SWEET TEA, is DEFINITELY a little snailsh but so what, stop trying to belittle her every chance you get heavy hips, what you brought her on the show to humiliate and always bring her down, because clearly tea’s getting her bag, even though heavy hips has her’s, she definitely brought tea there to absolutely start confusion between quad and her, heavy hips is something else, as well as the one with the protruding gum line, smdh hips lips and finger tips, along with protruding gum line, are something else

  2. Wow, who told Heavenly she was a fashion icon? She needs to check herself cause she is not a trend
    setter at all. She’s one of the worst dressed next to Simon.

  3. For someone to admit they straight up lies and entrapped someone just to hurt them is disgusting and unfortunately for Heavenly her karma is going to be awful. When karma takes its time it really shows out.

  4. Why do the worst dressed always dissing how someone else dresses? Who picks Heavenly clothes for special event 🤔 👀? They are either 3 sizes to small, for a video vixen, or a junior high prom. It doesn’t matter how expensive the clothes are if you look at mess in them. Heavenly looks a mess. Go ahead Sweet Tea with Target.

  5. I know that’s right Sweet Tea, shut Heavenly up. She always got something mean to say about somebody, Heavenly is messy real messy. I wouldn’t have nothing to do with her.

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