RHOA Newbie Allegedly Threatens Kenya Moore + Fans Think She May Not Be a Good Fit

Kenya Moore Season 16 RHOA
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Did one of the RHOA newbies take things too far with Kenya Moore?

Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members are currently filming for the upcoming season of the show. Until now, most of the headlines have been centered around Porsha Williams’ very messy split from Simon Guobadia. As we reported, Simon doesn’t want Porsha to film in his house. He even sent a cease and desist letter to the production company behind RHOA, Truly Original. Interestingly enough, one person who has been supportive of Porsha during the divorce process is Kenya Moore. Despite their contentious past, fans have noticed that Kenya and Porsha appear to be building a friendship from the looks of their social media posts.

While Porsha and Kenya are getting along great these days, rumor has it that Kenya isn’t getting along well with one of the newbies. It’s been alleged that Kenya has been clashing with Brittany Eady. According to the Neighborhood Talk, allegedly things really escalated between them during Kenya’s grand opening event for her hair salon. The publication alleged that Brittany allegedly threatened Kenya and people were left speechless.

The blog writes,

“We don’t want to spoil too much, but sources confirmed with us that the situation got so bad that Brittany *allegedly* said to Kenya ‘I have a gun for b****es like you.’ Don’t believe us? Well a photographer on the scene, Erik Robinson, took to X and tweeted ‘I am still trying to recover myself. I couldn’t even take a photo, my mouth fell to the floor and I am just in awe like that was the most deadliest scene probably ever filmed on the franchise.’”


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Some fans think Brittany Eady may not be a good fit for RHOA.

Neither Brittany nor Kenya have responded to the gossip as of yet. However, Drew Sidora’s X post grabbed the attention of fans.

Drew wrote, “I’m flabbergasted and floored 🤯.”

Fans have reacted to the report on social media. Some think that Brittany isn’t a good fit for the show if she did what was alleged.

One X user wrote, “That’s absolutely not what I want to see. I knew Brit was a ratchet with her history but not to this level. Now I’m uneasy again about the future of the franchise. She just had to take it to the gutter. 🙄”

Another said, “The new girl should go on those hip hop shows, don’t bring that nonsense to Bravo.”



  1. Chile bye open your eyes, when one continuesly show’s you whom they really really are please please believe them, take brittle bitter beneath Brittany off the show, NOW AND FAST, wtf says this if they don’t mean it, clearly she’s classless, and can’t take corrective criticism, PUT HER OFF IMMEDIATELY, she definitely has no respect decency nor morals for other’s, she’s absolutely displays lack of accountability, and clearly thinks she can say wtf she wants, she clearly not needed nor should be able to be on the show PERIOD, CLEAN UP THE MESS NOW, BEFORE IT GETS WORSE, WE’VE ABSOLUTELY BEEN WARNED FROM HER, GET RID OF THE FOOLISHNESS IGNORANCE AND NARACCISTIC BEING NOW, I CLEARLY/ DEFINITELY DON’T SEE THE HUMOR IN THIS AT ALL, AND DON’T CONDONE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR PERIOD, BY BITTER BENEATH BRITTANY, FLY TRAP

  2. I knew something like this was going to happen when they said production was looking at women who were linked to rappers. They are running out of people to hire because people with sense don’t want to be associated with reality television anymore.

  3. Kenya is licensed to carry as well so send this girl back where she came from. If you can’t use your words and wit on a housewives show instead of fists and weapons, it’s not the right platform for you to be on.

  4. Question? What led to Brittany saying she has a gun for beeesss like Kenya? On another site, it said that Kenya showed or threatened to show pictures of Brittany giving a blow job. What caused the altercation? We all know Kenya is crazy and goes low.

    1. Brittany’s people are lying. None of that happened. Y’all have no idea. Brittany is a piece of work and has no business on RHOA!

      1. Idk Twirl. Your girl probably did it. Kenya will do anything for ratings. LOL. But seriously, black reality shows have all gone dark so part of me thinks this season is gonna be very toxic and unenjoyable.

  5. First of all Kenya has been a bully of cast members since I can remember. Now that karma has come back to bite her I don’t feel sorry for her. Let’s see how this plays out shall we

  6. You work a job? If you do then I’m sure you know it’s illegal to show up to work and threaten to shoot a coworker. Try it and see how that goes for you. Crime isn’t karma. If this actually happened, this woman needs to be fired and locked up. She’s a nut.

  7. Honestly all of these rumors sound made up to garner interest for a dead show. If that lady threatened to shoot Kenya she’d be arrested and fired immediately. And if Kenya showed pics of that lady doing the nasty she’d be fired too. None of this sounds believable.


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