Kenya Moore Speaks Amid Alleged Suspension over Latest RHOA Season 16 Allegations

Kenya Moore RHOA Suspension Allegation
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

RHOA Star Kenya Moore reveals online trolls are making it difficult for her salon to succeed.

Last night, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore decided to address the recent controversies. As reported, Kenya and RHOA newbie Brittany Eady had an alleged confrontation while filming for the upcoming season. Multiple outlets have alleged that Kenya displayed revealing images of Brittany.

As details trickled out, Brittany and Kenya responded. Each refuted each other’s allegations. Brittany alleged Kenya engaged in acts of revenge p***, something Kenya denied on social media. RHOA fans, meanwhile, reacted to the allegations and openly wondered if Brittany was a good fit for the show.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Kenya has been indefinitely suspended from filming until an investigation into the incident concludes. As a reaction to the allegations, Kenya decided to go live on Instagram to address them.

Firstly, Kenya addressed the constant harassment she’s dealt with from overzealous fans and bloggers regarding her new salon.

“I’ve even had bloggers come and make fake appointments and cancel appointments at the last minute. Some of you might even know who those bloggers are. But the way that people go out of their way to try to disparage your name or ruin your business, I will never understand it. Like, I will never understand why you [are] using my name [as] clickbait… stalking me… violating my privacy.

Yes, some of those things come with a job, and I accept that, but [I do] not accept disparaging my business. Not coming out over here and, you know, literally calling, booking up my books, and then doing no-shows because you wanted to see if you knew we were open. Or you wanted to have a story, you know, for clickbait online.

It’s not cool. Leave me alone”

The allegations of suspension are addressed, and Kenya says she’s not “going anywhere.”

Kenya also mentioned that trolling is hurting her bottom line. She’s a single mom who’s not getting help from her ex-husband, says Kenya. Kenya also mentioned that Marc Daly is not paying child support, and their divorce has not been finalized.

And despite not getting the views she wanted for the IG live, Kenya did mention that she’s not going anywhere, despite the rumors.

I’m not going anywhere, despite all the stuff that’s surrounding whatever… people decide what they want to write [about].

Check out the live below.


  1. Yeah throw the whole season away. I think we’re slowly realizing these black ensemble reality shows are in their last days. Porsha can’t even film in her house or car now this nonsense.

  2. I agree! Maybe that’s the sign that realty tv has ran its course. It can all go away. Andy Cohen has made enough money on ruining people’s lives.

    Although people had a choice and most of them became millionaires as a result but look at the price you’re paying across the board.

    I’m waiting for Dallas, Knots Landing or something with some substance. This is no longer serving a good purpose.

    I like Kenya, my Aquarius sister but it’s time. Go while you can and not when you’re forced.

  3. Honestly Kenya Moore hurt her own business it had nothing to do with people canceling appointments and everything maybe they canceled the appointments due to what you did at your River cutting ceremony another thing okay you knew you was a single mother raising your daughter by yourself before you even did that so to me you’re delusional.

  4. Anon is right. People nowadays have too many mental issues and are way too sensitive for the type of reality television we essentially grew up with. Every show they want some black person fired and cancelled. These women can’t even be catty anymore without the pearl clutching and whining from the fan base. Housewives can’t survive in this weak era. I see RHOA being cancelled in two years.

    1. Y’all know I’m a proud Kenya hater but I agree with this take. Times are so different now and it’s disappointing. Honestly speaking, if Phaedra did that reunion read she did on Kenya in today’s climate she’d be cancelled and fired. Someone would start a boycott saying what she said was offensive to women who can’t conceive and need sp*rm donors. But back then we all ate it up, even radio station personalities. Now we’re at the point where ppl want housewives gone for being too mean. Kind of pathetic. LOL.

  5. I’m not sure about the whining from the fan base. I’m a part of that fan base and I’m also a part of the advertising dollars that pays the producers who pays the cast. None of it is personal to me, I’m not in their shoes. I agree with the mental illness part for sure because 99% of the people in the world suffer from some form of mental illness.

    Do I believe they can have a reality show that is not so competitive amongst the cast? Yes! There will always be someone in a greater and lesser place/look and statue than others. So, I take no responsibility in how the cast of any reality tv show chooses to act. It’s unfortunate because there are a lot of young women aspiring to be the replica of Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya, Gizelle, Dr Osefo etc, etc.

    We have to hold everyone accountable for their actions. Nene, Phaedra, Kenya, Robyn are all being booted out because of their own actions and not any fan anywhere.

    Best Wishes across the board! Build your Empire and pass it forward! When it’s your time to move on, MOVE!

    1. I think that is Diva’s point. Firing reality stars for being problematic is stupid and it’s why reality shows will have to go away as a whole because fans are too sensitive and take entertainment too seriously. Kenya, Porsha, Nene, etc are NOT role models and the fact that this isn’t understandable is proof of mental decline. When Mike was racist on the Real World, he wasn’t fired. He got schooled by the cast instead and grew as a person. Sorry but society nowadays is too weak and soft for reality television. And that accountability you speak of isn’t serious. Phaedra is back, Robyn will be on Traitors, Gizelle and Ashley still employed. Let’s not forget the problematic white people Bravo won’t let go of. Bravo is very inconsistent with accountability so why do it at all? People who really care about morals should know better than to look for that in reality television. Lifetime movies exist for those people. The rest of us wish y’all would let us be. Now yall don’t want villains on Real Housewives 🤦🏾‍♀️.

      1. “The rest of us wish y’all would let us be. Now yall don’t want villains on Real Housewives 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

        This. We haven’t even seen what actually happened yet and these people are calling for Kenya to be fired like sheep. Old school reality fans would never.

      2. This, all of this. A lot of these newer commentators on here would not have been able to stomach the golden age of reality TV. They are way too sensitive and bratty.

  6. This checks out. The only people who are held accountable and reprimanded at Bravo are black women who can’t pass the paper bag test. Meanwhile, problematic white men are gainfully employed over there. One was caught up in racism and revenge p too and still collects his check. I won’t be supporting Bravo or OWN.

    1. What Kenya did wasn’t revenge p. 🤦🏾‍♀️

      This is exactly what I’m talking about in my comment to Smylie. Yall are way too dramatic for reality television. Yall are speaking on laws and situations yall know nothing about. This show is officially dead.

      1. Ya’ll!

        Blah, your comment is dramatic. We have a difference of opinion and that’s okay. That’s why it’s called opinion. Either way, I am disappointed in reality tv.

        I believe it has run it’s course.

        Best Wishes!

        1. Nah, Blah isn’t dramatic at all. She has the most logic and common sense on this entire thread. Calling for Kenya to be “held accountable” for a crime she didn’t even commit is wild and beyond dramatic. LOL.

          1. Yeah, I Said it!

            Do you know any of us personally? Your statement on most logic and common sense sounds like you have a PHD in comprehension. If you do, congratulations. If you don’t, it’s an opinion. Identifying a person’s logic and common sense is a powerful statement to make.

            With all do respect, identifying what others write as their opinion does not qualify one to identify ones character.

            Best Wishes!

          2. Smylie, you’re annoying now. You’re doing a lot. Logic is logic. If any person comes on the internet and decides someone is guilty for a literal crime (revenge p) when there is no evidence any crime was committed, that person is not only overly dramatic but also dangerous. Stop playing slow because you feel like arguing today. It’s weird and you know better.

  7. Kenya as far as I’m concerned you got away with doing foul stuff and to this day I can’t understand why you would DISRESPECT your own cast members the way you did. Don’t explain yourself now. Just leave the show. Bye

  8. All the pearl clutching and criticism of Kenya is laughable because nine times out of ten Kenya’s biggest critics support someone who is worst or equal to Kenya. So miss me with the hypocrisy. No one from RHOA is a saint. Anyway, everyone on the cast is currently supporting Kenya and not Brittany with the exception of the other new girl. So I have a feeling a lot of you are going to look silly when the show returns. But by all means, be fake mad at Kenya like always.

    1. I’m a Kenya Moore Fan to the End. My Aquarius Sister, Born Leader, Intelligent, Beautiful and Well Built Sister. I am so very proud of how she has weathered the storms with a lot of criticism over the years. And, God gave her the gift that she always wanted and that’s unconditional love from her beautiful baby Brooklyn.

      Whether she’s there or not, I wish Kenya and Miss Brooklyn all the success and happiness their hands/heart can hold. Others want to walk in her shoes the same way they wanted to walk in Kandi’s but Kandi flew above. Yes Yes! Twirl!

    2. You know I can’t stand Kenya but I noticed that as well. I don’t think she’s the villain in this situation and it’s actually Brittany. It’s telling that Drew, Porsha, Shamea, and everyone else is Team Kenya. As much as I can’t stand Kenya I really don’t like how people are jumping to conclusions before the season premieres. I’m worried RHOA won’t be around in a couple of years.

  9. By the way, I’m not saying she’s perfect. And by all means, if she did what they’re saying she did, she needs to be held accountable. We all at some point need to be held accountable.

    I will still be a cheerleader for her and Miss Brooklyn with or without HWOA.


  10. People always do the most when Kenya is the topic. She’s always held accountable way more than others so I’m not sure why anyone is pretending otherwise on here. Kenya got married off the show and was suspended for a season. Robyn marries Juan off the show and is invited back the next season. White dude does literal revenge p on another Bravo show, he’s not fired or reprimanded at all. Kenya wore an offensive halloween costume, she’s forced to apologize. White lady is racist on RHONY for years, isn’t sat down until a year ago. I have more if anyone needs any. The crazy thing is we’re doing all this talking and Kenya hasn’t been arrested for anything. So why all the outrage? Can we at least watch the show first before being fake mad? Just maybe whatever happened wasn’t the end of the world after all.

  11. Yall need to stop hating on kenya moore she is one of the real housewives of atlanta BEST if that person didn’t wanted her shit air don’t do it so what If it did came the show would have look stupid ratings would have been done so my thoughts on this she did the show good she is one and with others making the show she and porsha and others are going to bring the ratings up NO KENYA MOORE IT WILL HURT THE SHOW

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