UPDATE: RHOA Newbie Brittany Eady Calls Kenya Moore a Bully + Kenya Denies the Allegations

Kenya Moore Allegations RHOA Season 16
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

More allegations come out regarding Kenya Moore and Brittany Eady’s RHOA altercation.

Rumors of an alleged altercation between Kenya Moore and RHOA newbie Brittany Eady reached a new level during filming recently. As we previously reported, filming for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” occurred during an event celebrating the opening of Kenya’s new hair salon. Multiple sources claim the altercation got so heated that Brittany seemingly claimed that “she s***ts b****es like [Kenya].”

Many attending the event were shocked at what they witnessed at the altercation. Now, multiple outlets have reported what allegedly led up to that moment. It is rumored at the event that Kenya displayed photos of Brittany engaged in a compromising position with another person.

Once allegations of the altercation were revealed publicly, many RHOA fans openly questioned if Brittany was worthy of a peach. As the allegations raged on, Brittany issued multiple statements on Instagram. She first thanked everyone who supported her amid the allegations, claiming she was bullied and a victim of revenge p***.

“Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about what took place at the event yesterday. I am still processing the nasty, low, disgusting, vile things that were done to try to hurt me. BULLYING and revenge porn is never okay.”

Brittany then shared Georgia law surrounding the alleged act.

“In Georgia, the distribution of sexually explicit images without the consent of the person depicted is considered a criminal offense. Under Georgia law, the offense of unlawful disclosure of intimate images, also known as revenge porn, is covered under O.C.G.A. § 16-11-90. This law makes it illegal to distribute sexually explicit images or videos of another person without their consent and with the intent to harm, harass, intimidate, or coerce the person depicted. Violating Georgia’s revenge porn law is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both. Subsequent offenses are considered felonies, carrying more severe penalties.”

Lastly, Brittany said the following:

“It’s never a good feeling being targeted or HAZED by someone l thought would embrace me into a new circle, that Inever met.For the record. I’ve never once had possession of any weapons or threatened anyone ever. I’ve never even been to jail, in fight, or even had as much as a speeding ticket. That’s not in my character. I am hurt b the narrative that’s being displayed. Wrong is wrong.”

Kenya Moore responded.

Despite Brittany’s claims, Kenya unequivocally denies them. On her Instagram page, Kenya says people should not believe anything they hear, and the truth will come to light.

UPDATE: Keyna issued a more detailed statement a few hours ago. In her statement shared to Twitter/X, Kenya says she never engaged in revenge p*** against anyone.


  1. Kenya is a mean girl but at the same time the show is boring as hell! Only the die hard fans are still watching.
    I have been watching clips for years now.

  2. I’m starting to think most of the stuff reported has been lies. It’s all nonsensical. So I’m checking out until the show comes back.

    1. It’s all bullsh-t. Everything alleged people would be locked up for if they actually did.

  3. See now Kenya would think that lady is dead AZZ wrong if she brought up the fact that you married a man that used her for clout and took 50 year’s to give you a divorce until you meet his demands, and or never ever stayed in the house for 30 day’s straight, and clearly you didn’t know wtf he was for months at a time, girl bye Kenya stop your absolutely too old for this, mark Daly dragged your AZZ, like a lifeless body and the audacity of you to speak on other’s not one relationship you’ve had ever flourished and or prospered, must I go on

  4. Ever since Kenya called the whole cast derogatory names I hate that they decided to continue to film her. It’s like you can get away with anything. No one has done to Kenya and she did that with no remorse.

  5. I don’t believe much of anything Kenya says. Kenya is a mean petty woman. She’s be low since the beginning. Kenya loves dragging others but is very thin skinned. We may never know what truly happened, but we can be sure Kenya did something for that Lady to threaten her.

  6. We’ve seen this before. Remember when Monique sent all those lies to the blogs saying she beat up Candiace because Candiace threw a glass in her face? But when the show came back we saw Monique started it and was the real villain. This will be the same outcome. Brittany is Monique. She’s trying to get ahead of the story and well that rarely works out.

    1. What did you see 👀? I saw Candice start that fight and get slapped up side her head. Kenya has been being low stuff to others since the beginning and claiming innocent.

      1. You’re the type that completely makes up your own version of events in your head. Monique hit Candiace first, hence starting the altercation. This is why I’m watching reality television less and less. Viewers like you are completely delusional and it’s exhausting having discussions with people who don’t live in reality and lack media literacy.

  7. I agree Kenya definitely is a bully it’s about time they get some new and exciting people on the show or move on out of the business

  8. Kenya is off the chain with her garbage… some folks will do most anything for the coins. There must be something she can do that will morally display herself with characteristics of integrity and honesty…so pretty on the outside

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