Monique Samuels Makes Interesting Accusations Amid Candiace Dillard Bassett’s Pregnancy

Monique Samuels The Traitors
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Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett were rumored to be in talks to appear on “The Traitors.”

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans probably won’t forget how chaotic and controversial Season 5 was for Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett. The ladies, unfortunately, had an altercation after their friendship fell apart. Monique felt Candiace should have had her back more while Gizelle Bryant was spreading rumors. Gizelle alleged that she heard Monique’s youngest child was fathered by her trainer and not her ex-husband, Chris Samuels. Chris and Monique denied this repeatedly. The rumor being brought onto the platform is one of the reasons Monique identified in confirming she needed to quit RHOP.

Candiace said she backed away from her friendship with Monique before the altercation because Monique started moving funny. At that time, Monique was getting along better with Gizelle than Candiace. It became challenging for Candiace and Monique to film a scene together without clashing.

Although Monique and Candiace’s controversial fallout happened years ago, some Bravo fans have wanted to see the former friends share the television screen again. For a brief moment, it looked like that could happen on “The Traitors.” Candiace chose to exit RHOP after the latest season to focus on her pregnancy. But weeks ago, it was rumored she was in talks to compete on “The Traitors.” The competition show airs on Peacock. It was later rumored that casting fell apart because Monique was also in talks to do the show as well.

Monique Samuels addressed the gossip via Instagram Live.

Monique took to Instagram Live to address the situation. She said she was interested in “The Traitors.” However, she backed away when the amount she would be paid didn’t meet her expectations. But some time later, she found out that the producers allegedly wanted her to ambush Candiace. So she’s no longer interested.

“So apparently they were trying to put me and Candiace from RHOP on ‘The Traitors’ at the same time. I didn’t know that she was pregnant, I didn’t know she was supposed to be on the show. And the only reason I found out is because my manager is well connected and we started finding out all of this stuff.”

She continued, “First of all it’s lowdown to try to put a pregnant woman in that position. That’s jacked up number one. Second of all, I don’t even know why a person that’s pregnant would even do that show or want to do that show because it’s a lot of physical challenges and stuff in there. So I thought that was weird.”

Despite their past, Monique Samuels doesn’t want to feud with Candiace Dillard Bassett during her pregnancy.

Monique also said she hadn’t seen any housewife drama on “The Traitors” before, so all of this seemed shady.

“But regardless, why would you try to take something from a totally different show and try to make it something that could potentially be very nasty? When I watched the first and second seasons of ‘The Traitors,’ and I watched the other Traitors, Traitors UK and all of that, it wasn’t about their personal lives. It was more about the show in itself. And if you get picked as a traitor and if you’re a faithful and all of that. I thought that was so much fun.”

She added, “When you get there, you don’t know who else is going to be there until you land. So I really thought that was low down especially cause everyone knows that situation is very sensitive. And I highly doubt if it was two white women from another housewife show…I highly doubt that they would put them in that position. So you ain’t about to be doing us Black queens like that.”


  1. I know most will just focus on their dislike of Monique and not actually listen to what she said. But it’s very concerning that Bravo/NBCU dislikes Candiace so much that they were going to antagonize her during her pregnancy. Monique is correct, they would never do that to the white housewives.

    1. Monique is absolutely correct on her ascertain. Bravo and anything connected with this franchise makes money off these women making fools of themselves. Candiace go in peace and have your baby and your singing career. Monique has shown you can move on with your life and make decisions that do not denigrate your womanhood. There is clearly a double standard and it’s never works in the sisters favor. Stop being their monkeys at Bravo circus 🎪

  2. Candiace better pay attention. These producers and networks hate her and think entertainment is only possible by bothering her.

    1. Candice has been talking about colorism for years now!
      Gizelle Robyn and Bravo producers.. Everyone keeps ignoring her

  3. Good looking out on Monique and her people ‘s part. Question is will Candice see it that way, or think that Monique is using it for attention?

  4. Trying to make them puppets on a string for a check…ok.
    Good lookin out Monique 😉.

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