Monique Samuels Doesn’t Hold Back Her True Thoughts About LAMDC Exit

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After her dramatic final season of RHOP, Monique Samuels wanted a change.

Monique Samuels‘ exit from “Real Housewives of Potomac” was a very controversial one. Fans and other RHOP stars were divided after Monique assaulted Candiace Dillard Bassett. The drama was so intense that Monique said she was done with reality television. At the time, she took issue with some of the things she said took place behind the scenes. In particular, Monique said that her marriage to Chris Samuels was attacked by her coworkers. So leaving the show was important to protect what mattered the most. However, she and Chris ended up signing up for the first season of “Love & Marriage: DC.”

After it was announced that Chris and Monique were appearing on LAMDC, Monique revealed that she and Chris were close to separating before they started filming. Their issues played out in the episodes shown.

Some LAMDC fans were actually critical of Monique’s treatment of Chris. She responded to the backlash on social media and explained that it’s more important for her to remain true to herself than be liked by all of the fans.

By reunion time, Monique and Chris said that they made progress in repairing their marriage. So fans were shocked after headlines read that Monique and Chris were ending their marriage ahead of the LAMDC cast filming Season 2.

Reality television just isn’t the right platform for Monique Samuels at this point.

Monique took to her social media accounts to respond to the reports. And she and Chris denied that they were ending their marriage. Not too long after, Monique also confirmed that she and Chris would not be on the current season of “Love & Marriage: DC.” At first, Monique told her fans that the contract wasn’t right. But she had more to say on Instagram Live recently. This occurred after a follower said they wanted Monique to return to LAMDC to tell her story.

“There’s no way to tell my story because what happens is I can tell my story through my filming. Then production and then the network is going to tell the story they want to tell. And I’m tired of giving up my power to other people telling my story and trying to do with my life as they please. I’m tired of that,” Monique said.

She continued, “I thought the second time around it would be different. It wasn’t. I kind of didn’t like how the direction of things were going as I was watching everything unfold the first season.”

Monique also told her supporters that it’s not about looking bad on television, “‘Y’all didn’t look bad at all, not sure what the problem was.’ It’s not about looking bad. It’s about I signed up for ‘Love & Marriage.’ And I slowly started to feel like it was shifting to a Housewives kind of dynamic. And that’s not what I signed up for. If I wanted to be on Housewives, I would go back to Housewives.”

She also didn’t agree when someone said that she should create her own show.

“‘You can create your own show for us.’ But the problem is the networks. It just appears to me that when it comes to Black excellence/Black love, there are no networks that actually really want to show that. It’s sad but from what I see, it’s something about attacking what’s Black. And showing a stereotypical Black person, Black family…the stereotypes. It just seems like it’s always that way. And it sucks because I would love to show how Black people actually are. But instead, they like to force these stereotypes on TV.”


  1. Monique made herself look bad. All she did was nag about Chris. She loves to hear herself talk. I’m glad she didn’t return. No one to see a bitter person argue all the time.

    1. Why do y’all always take this position when women are vocal about not being happy in their marriages? Monique expressing her issues with the marriage isn’t nagging Chris. It’s being an adult and communicating that she needs things to change to be happy. Y’all want women to be silent and settle. It’s misogynistic and dysfunctional. Chris is far from perfect. That was very clear on RHOP.

        1. Yes, you’re both entitled to your misogynystic opinions, Steffy. Most black women are male-identified. And you’ve written enough nonsense on here for me to know you’re not even worth arguing with.

          1. “And you’ve written enough nonsense on here for me to know you’re not even worth arguing with.”

            An effortless read. LOL.

          2. That’s what I don’t understand. Why are black women so male identified? If a husband isn’t doing what he needs to do and the wife is doing everything on her own to keep the household afloat, that’s a problem and it’s not supposed to be that way. It’s like black women are the only group of women who don’t want our men to actually be men. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

        2. Well the show doesn’t have a star. Neither person on there can hold the show. Ashley is annoying as h-ll. I guess it’s ok to nag about your mother but not your husband.

          1. I think Monique looked awful with all of the weight loss!!! Chris always was wrong in her eyes.

          2. LaFonds, Monique looks great. Obesity just has black people in such a chokehold that skinny women trigger y’all. If Chris was always wrong in her eyes, she wouldn’t have married him.

      1. I agree with you Shannon. Out of all the things to dislike Monique for and critique, calling her a nagger and pretending like she didn’t have legit problems with Chris is very…weird. Chris was a hot mess on RHOP or did everybody conveniently forget that because now Gizelle isn’t around to make them forget that they never liked Monique in the first place?

      2. True she does have an opinion but you want to get on tv and sit him out now when he’s been the same person for how many years and how many kids later.She had that man thinking he was an awesome husband so it’s hard for him to change all of a sudden now

        1. This literally makes no sense. Marriages go through ups and downs. Do you have a good day every single day? Never had a bad year? Like just stop already. It’s never too late for anyone to change. You have just been conditioned by society to defend black men at every turn. You’ll get it one day I hope.

    1. Monique is ghetto and a hood rat. She claimed to have PTSD from Potomac. However, once she learned she was not the star of Love & Marriage she bailed.

      1. Weren’t you just d-ck riding and defending Destiny’s hood rat and ghetto a-s on here? And she was just trying to fight at Martell’s party. Oh, I remember you now. You’re full of sh-t.

  2. Monique says she is not fake, I beg to differ, she bleached, yes, her skin was darker when she first started RHOP, check the tapes, and she had work done to her face.

    Now she having all these problems with Chris cause he fat and won’t slim down like she asked. She tried the healthy diet and Chris still eating like he still in Alabama.

    1. Another dumb a-s comment. It’s 2023 and you are still on the internet thinking black women in America bleach like that.

      1. You remember when they used to think every single black girl that was famous bleached? Oooh and the Illuminati stuff?! LMBO!

    2. You really despise positive, strong Black women!!! Disgusting! You are worse than any Karen I’ve seen. Utterly ridiculous and sad!

  3. I’m sorry but it really seems like they jumped into this to try to vindicate themselves from RHOP. And they honestly should have taken a break after RHOP to process everything. Why you would agree to filming a marriage based reality show and your marriage is on “shakey ground” is beyond me. Because NO ONE is their “best selves” when they don’t have peace at home.

  4. Some of y’all write the dumbest comments on here. I don’t even like Monique anymore but I won’t lie bc I don’t like her. The sh-t she said about Chris was valid. Even the others on RHOP saw the cracks in Monique’s marriage. They haven’t been happy in years. It doesn’t require being a genius to see that. And it ain’t nagging to tell a grown a-s man to step up and be more present as a husband and father.

  5. I’m seeing some of you say how glad y’all are that Monique is gone well why aren’t y’all watching LAMDC then? Those ratings are doo doo. LAMDC doesn’t even make the top 50 or 100 watched shows on Saturday night anymore since Mo and Chris left. So some of y’all are lying on here. Why?

  6. I’m happy Candiace was vindicated. I won’t say I’m glad Monique is gone from LAMDC because I don’t watch it regardless. That entire cast is unlikable. I’m not sure Carlos will be able to recreate the magic we got from the Huntsville group.

    1. When the h-ll was Candiace vindicated??! There seems to be a disconnect between acting on a reality tv show and being REAL on a reality tv show. Candiace likes to push the envelope too far and then cries “wolf” when her bluff is called. I cannot think of ONE melanated woman that would have allowed Candiace to invade their personal space with a finger in their face and NOT snatch Candiace into the middle of her future. Candiace exhibited bullying behavior with that mouth teasing and taunting Monique. The finger in her face was the final straw. Most of us don’t tolerate bullying.

  7. I can agree that on these “reality shows” there’s a lot of editing which can create a narrative as a “character” for a person. However, the narrative is based on what’s given. I feel that she should do a YouTube channel with her family like a lot of other “reality stars” do and then she can control what’s seen. I agree that “reality tv” isn’t her cup of tea. But, I enjoyed them on both shows and wish their family success and well.

  8. Monique thought changing would be best. What she didn’t understand is that changing locale and not changing self does not improve results.
    I don’t think she’s as confident as she could be within herself.
    Reality TV isn’t for everyone, Monique.

  9. It’s not the networks that prevent black ensemble shows from being positive. It’s the viewers/fans/consumers that are keeping things from changing. Everyone wants to get on here and complain about how negative and messy these shows are but the truth is, none of us would watch if there wasn’t mess going on.

  10. I think Monique finally woke up and realized she doesn’t actually need reality tv. Good for her! She still has that radio job she likes in DC and she’s very wealthy so best of luck to her and Chris! I’ll always appreciate how riled up she got all the girls just by saying she has 4 homes. Low key, that’s why a lot of you don’t like her. Stay mad though!

    1. This is probably one of the most honest comments I’ve seen on here. Sadly, some black women did decide they didn’t like Monique the moment she told Gizelle she has 4 homes.

  11. I honestly think reality tv pulled some wires out of their marriage.
    I agree with Monique when she mentioned a ‘shift in the direction of the show’. It is becoming something that it shouldn’t and it’s tired.
    Black folks on tv portraying us just like white people believe us to be no matter how successful we can be. They think something illegal happened to have money…can’t have money legitimately.
    I’d rather watch Law & Order:SVU reruns.

  12. Monique was not worried about how she felt until she started being noticed making her own money. I DO NOT feel she has ever loved CHRIS! Why would she have another child if your marriage is not doing well. Child Support & More Alimony!!! Chris was BIG when she met him and he is still BIG!! Get her a Nanny if he not helping as much as she would like. When he was working building that money up she was FINE with it!! Smh 🤦‍♀️

    1. “Monique was not worried about how she felt until she started being noticed making her own money.” – You have absolutely no receipts to back up any of this. Are you Monique? Do you even know her personally?

      ” I DO NOT feel she has ever loved CHRIS! Why would she have another child if your marriage is not doing well.” – Why would Chris impregnate Monique if he knew their marriage wasn’t doing well? As far as child support and alimony, if that were true, why are they still married now if she stands to collect more divorced? Sounds like Monique wants to be married to Chris then, right?

      “Chris was BIG when she met him and he is still BIG!!” – Sounds like Chris needs to lose weight then and make more health focused decisions. Monique isn’t the issue there.

      “Get her a Nanny if he not helping as much as she would like.” – Umm, no. Nannies do not eliminate the need for parents to be more engaged, active, and involved in their children’s lives. Chris needs to do better and even admitted this on LAMDC and RHOP. Sounds like Chris is the problem if he still isn’t stepping up in the household two reality shows in.

      It’s always disturbing to watch black women get on here and jump through hoops to blame another black woman for the failures and shortcomings of a black man. I’d pity women like you if I didn’t understand how dangerous your misogynoir actually can be in certain situations.

      1. You are soooooooo right! Why are some of us so quick to blame the woman and give the man pass after pass? Step up Chris!!!

  13. King Bey, I TOTALLY agree. They’re mad that she doesn’t have to act like a clown to collect her coins. It’s terrible that people give more respect to fakeness, than to give flowers to those who gives reality TV the real. D*mn shame! The obsession of hatred for Monique on these threads is just ignorant.

  14. I completely understand what Monique is saying. Had nothing to do with her marriage, but had everything to do with how she and her family was portrayed! That’s REALITY for your ass! Hats off to her! Stay true to who you you are and what you stand for. Some people are here for the feel good endings as well. Misery loves company. My opinion.

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