Alabama Court Issues Scathing Order Against Martell Holt in Dispute with Melody Shari

Martell Holt June 2024 Court Order
Photo Credit: OWN

An Alabama Court feels Martell Holt blatantly disregarded court orders on counseling and punishment.

Love and Marriage: Huntsville” stars Martell Holt and Melody Shari Rodgers were in court this week for a hearing in their ongoing custody dispute. The hearing pertained to Melody and her attorney, who filed an emergency motion. The emergency motion is to enforce previous orders that Martell undergo psychological evaluations and counseling with their minor son.

As previously reported by Urban Belle, Melody originally filed a grievance against Martell last July, accusing Martell of using corporal punishment against their children. This included allegations of punching and choking their son. These allegations left a sour feeling amongst many LAMH fans.

The judge over the case issued an order that seems to be a scathing rebuke of Martell’s behavior. It appears Martell had an apparent blatant disregard for the court’s orders.

The court document for the order, obtained exclusively by Urban Belle, declared on March 9th, 2022, that Martell “get involved with counseling with their minor son” per the previous decrees. Another order issued in September 2022 forbids Martell from using corporal punishment.

Per the order, the court declared Martell failed to seek the psychological evaluation. It took the emergency motion for Martell to comply almost two years later. The court felt convinced that Martell blatantly ignored the order and used corporal punishment against their children. The counselor declared an expert by the court found that Martell’s disregard of the orders of counseling, their children reported emotional backlash.

Melody Rodgers scores a win in her ongoing custody battle with Martell Holt.

As a result of the court’s declarations, Martell is now at serious risk of losing his visitation rights to his children. He has been ordered to comply with the original order of weekly counseling immediately and participate in twice-monthly family counseling with his children. Failure to comply with this order will result in losing his visitation rights.

Martell must also pay Melody Shari $7,000 towards her legal fees. He must also schedule his remaining visits for his psychological evaluation.

Their next hearing for this case is October 16th, 2024.


  1. Martell definitely needs help. He needs to take his mama with him. He has displayed that he needs mental help. No one can be as stupid as he is He’s not normal.

    1. I agree, he is a spoiled “Mama’s Boy” with an inflated ego. Yes, he is handsome with a nice body but the maturity is lacking. Looks will get you in the door but it won’t keep your seat at the table.

  2. Not the “father of the year” needing to be ordered by the court yet again to prioritise his children’s wellbeing 😒 What are his pick Mrs going to praise now that it’s clear he is not a good parent at all.

  3. It’s pretty gross Martell continues to be on the show knowing the h-ll he’s been putting Melody and the kids through. OWN should be ashamed.

  4. Martell is shellshot behind what he did to his family that ended in destruction. He does not want to accept what he did. He’s going through h-ll because he can’t get his family unit back. He just can’t believe it. I hope that ghetto lady’s funky c—-ch was worth it.

  5. Marty shoulda let that sleeping dog stay asleep.
    He has this narrative taking up space in his
    head that Melody always is always doing something.
    His Mother ain’t helping.

  6. This is why I don’t watch LAMH anymore. These court documents are so disturbing. This man gets violent with his kids and doesn’t think he’s wrong. Every season these people waste our time with FAKE storylines instead of addressing their real life issues like arrests and lawsuits! Martell has been a menace to his kids but on the show we only get scenes of him and his diabolical mother saying he’s a good man/father and was a good husband to Mel. OWN and Carlos King are sick for backing abusers for dwindling ratings. And that lie they told Variety was shameful. They’d rather lie and pretend ratings are good than part ways with an abuser like Martell. I’m never watching OWN again.

    1. I’m looking at the court kinda sideways cuz why are they still forcing these kids to be around him while he defies the court. That’s crazy to me. They are keeping those kids in fear and danger.

      1. I’m glad you said that because I’ve been thinking that judge is horrible since the beginning. She gives Martell too many chances when he’s shown multiple times he’s dangerous.

        1. This is why I say male identified women are dangerous because they can set other women and children up to be harmed when they are gatekeepers and in positions of power. So I’ll continue to call them out when I see it.

        2. I seriously considered the possibility that Martel was sleeping with the judge. I mean, what else could POSSIBLY account for the judge, earlier in the case, claiming that ONLY Martel had his children’s wellbeing in mind???
          I hope I’m wrong, and I hope the judge was just slow on the draw and wasn’t paying enough attention…….OR maybe Martel dogged her and that’s why he’s getting his a$$ handed to him.

    2. People like us are no longer the intended audience anymore. We don’t believe everything we see on TV. We do our research. We have common sense. OWN and Carlos want a dumbed down audience they can lie to. I say good luck with that and I’m enjoying getting into different shows now. LAMH sucks.

  7. Shame on OWN & Carlos. Their exploitation of Martell’s life demise not only is stroking his narcissistic behavior, but is influencing the Judicial system to the point they can’t make a fair and impartial decision regarding him. Melody is slowly getting justice, but the h-ll she is enduring to get it.

  8. Martell is another example of behaving badly and crying victim. These reality show producers have allowed fake stories and bad behavior take the place of reality. They don’t realize that most viewers don’t want to see that behavior from adults. They got on those shows to show their reality, do that.

  9. Martell and Scott’s men are so low life. I don’t know why any of these women deal with them. Mel been telling everyone he ain’t sh-t for so long, now all his bullsh-t is out in the opening. I hope the show cancel his a-s.. And take sorry a-s Destiny ( aka Martell side chick) with him too. Ms I don’t do nothing wrong( aka scam artist) always in jail a-s… But she keep Mel name in her mouth… And I think Tisha a-s need to go to… Carlos do a recast…… Because Kimmie is just as stupid as her sister in law….

  10. ABUSE, DRUNK DRIVING what’s next.. OH I forgot women fighting eachother and grown women sleepovers . Carlos laughing and pit them against eachother.. I had to stop watch it was wasting brain cell. We better than this.

  11. I agree Martell is angry with himself because his life has gone to hell!! He should have been showing a successful Black Man instead he’s showing a stupid and confused Black Man,! U can take this show off!!


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