Evelyn Lozada Comes for Brandi Maxiell’s Marriage

Brandi Maxiell Basketball Wives Season 11
Photo Credit: VH1

Evelyn Lozada throws Brandi Maxiell’s martial drama in her face.

The current season of “Basketball Wives” will be full of drama. In a preview for the upcoming season, as we previously reported, a major storyline this season will be Evelyn Lozada, possibly uncovering major information about Jackie Christie. But despite the drama surrounding Jackie, she’s focusing on her talk show. She’s at the point where she’s filming the show in front of a live studio audience. Jackie believes her talk show will be a huge hit.

Meanwhile, the ladies are dealing with varying degrees of romance. This includes Brooke Bailey moving on from her estranged husband. She’s dating someone new, and it’s moving well. Jennifer Williams is also getting ready for her wedding. When she’s told about a potential $250,000 bill by her fiancé, Christian Gold, she doesn’t scoff and tells Christian she’s allergic to broke. Jac’Eil Duckworth may also have cold feet when it comes to her nuptials.

Lastly, Brandi Maxiell’s drama with Evelyn takes center stage. Evelyn threw Brandi’s marital issues in her face during a discussion with the ladies that seemingly became an argument.

Evelyn tells Brandi, “You should be questioning your ******* dude that slept with 300 *******.”

Brandi responds, saying, “You can’t bring up my husband in the friendship group.”

Next, her husband, Jason Maxiell, is seen on a FaceTime call apologizing to Brandi for his past cheating, which has been a source of drama for her.

“[I am] sorry that my past is a weapon towards you.”

When Brandi and Evelyn get into it in another scene, Brandi stands up and tells Evelyn, “If I wanted to fight you, I would fight you.”

In another scene, Brandi tries to run up on Evelyn but gets held back by security.

Check out the trailer below.


  1. Evelyn should’ve been fired for her racism and colorism. She has no room to be critical of anyone else on that show.

  2. Evelyn has been cheated on MANY times so this kind of shade from her is corny. This is why no one really watches anymore. The show isn’t entertaining when Evelyn isn’t put in her place.

  3. Now Evelyn is made out to be the bully. Is this the best this show can do? Man get some real people with interesting storylines

  4. Evelyn was married all of 15 minutes, talk smack when you’ve celebrated at least one anniversary. I don’t even care for Brandi but I Evelyn was out of line commenting on her husband track record. Brandi should have called her on her own. Like if he’s done 300 you mad cause you still at 299.

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