Evelyn Lozada Hires a Private Investigator to Expose Jackie Christie?

Evelyn Lozada Basketball Wives 2024
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Jackie Christie has been clashing with Evelyn Lozada and Brooke Bailey.

Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie got a taste of being in the hot seat during last season’s reunion. Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie Henderson, and Brooke Bailey called her out. Shaunie believed the rumors about Jackie talking about Shaunie behind her back were true. Evelyn accused Jackie of being jealous of her and triggered by her return to the show. Evelyn alleged that Jackie told people she was upset about not being included on a promotional billboard. In response, Jackie took to Instagram to post a screenshot of a past text message conversation in which British Williams made the complaint, not Jackie.

Brooke and Jackie fell out around the time of Brooke’s daughter’s death. The ladies’ friendship unraveled because Brooke didn’t think Jackie supported her enough during the difficult time. She expected more from Jackie because they spoke frequently until her daughter’s passing. Although it did seem as if Jackie and Brooke were trying to mend things at one point, Brooke became angry again due to comments that Jackie made during an interview. Jackie said she believed the situation had been blown out of proportion and didn’t like how things were edited.

Evelyn Lozada is focused on exposing Jackie Christie.

VH1 recently released a first look at the upcoming episodes. Jackie is very much still in the hot seat. In one scene, Jackie refuses to argue.

“I don’t want to argue with women that I consider friends.”

Evelyn is over it, “You’re always preaching sisterhood. You ain’t never been a sister to nobody.”

At some point in the video, Evelyn seemingly visits a private investigator to look into Jackie.

“Jackie, she’s just not to be trusted.”

The person tells Evelyn, “She was arrested.”

After the supposed investigation concludes, Evelyn makes it her mission to tell the others about Jackie.

“There’s a lot to her that we just don’t know.”

The show returns Monday, July 1, on VH1 at 8/7c.


  1. Why is Evelyn so obsessed with exposing Jackie when Evelyn herself is consistently the worst person on that platform?

      1. Ma’am Evelyn is a whole racist and colorist. Violent too. I cannot take you seriously. She is the worst person on this platform and has no business calling anyone else out period. Evelyn should have been fired.

        1. She not off limits every one got there’s now it’s her turn yall dont like it hee turn Evelyn she came for you and your daughter now can’t wait to hear what you have and Brandy bye

        2. I agree! And it’s weird seeing black women defend her just like it was weird seeing them defend Erica Mena. Defending nonblack women who don’t even really like your people is truly pathetic.

  2. I agree……….I wished that Mrs Shaunie Henderson, let this show not a good look, having your Christian Life tied to these Women especially (Evelyn)

  3. Evelyn needs to sit down and shut up. What if Jackie had someone digging in her past? She would crying victim and how unfair. Non basketball wife self, only one she actually got a marry her was Chad O. See how that turned out.

    1. I agree with you Trina and Queen 💯..Evelyn gets away with everything because of her relationship with Shaunie…not fair…and she has no right investigating Jackie’s past life…maybe she did what she had to do for her child..I’m sure Doug knows 😉…Evelyn has slept with men in every major league from Basketball 🏀.
      Football 🏈..and Baseball ⚾️..go take several seats 💺💺💺Evelyn…shouldn’t be on the show…

  4. Shaunie and Evelyn always got some kind of bullsh-t start up. She just use Jackie for ratings and try to act like she doesn’t know what’s going on( Shaunie). Trust her and Evelyn talk before hand. But she the preacher wife… You see all of her sh-t is coming out too(Ms Preacher Wife). Evelyn act like she ain’t did another of sh-t herself. Need to worry about your daughter with that no good a-s rapper ( The Game).. Because she good to be just like her a single mom… And don’t leave Brooke a-s out, with her sl-tty a-s… All them b-tches have a bunch of bodies… And stupid a-s Jennifer can’t be left off the list… Ever year she getting scammed by someone.. This the only woman got to have a n-gga… (She the dumb a-s Karrile Redd of basketball wives).. Somebody need to hired a PI for Evelyn a-s… And see what we come up with… And how many n-gga she done took money from./ her and all them tricks…

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