‘Basketball Wives’ Highlights: Evelyn’s Private Investigator Finds out About Jackie’s Past Arrest

Jackie Christie Basketball Wives Season 11B
Photo Credit: VH1

On the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn decides to hire a private investigator to dig into Jackie’s past after she makes a shocking revelation to Jac’Eil. Here’s a highlight of, “Secrets, Lies and Private Eyes.”

Jac’Eil and Jackie talk things out.

Jackie meets with Jac’Eil to hash things out after their ponderosa went left. Jac’Eil explains she wasn’t trying to side with Evelyn. She just wanted to be neutral and make sure everyone was listening to each other speak. Jackie realizes she hasn’t been an open enough book. She tells Jac’Eil that she was put in foster care at a young age and had to live with a white family who used mayonnaise in her hair. And Doug is actually her fourth husband.

When Jac’Eil relays her conversation with Jackie to Brooke, Evelyn, and Jennifer; they are shocked Doug is not Jackie’s first husband. Evelyn is intrigued to dig into Jackie’s business and searches for a private investigator.

Evelyn is stunned by Jackie’s alleged past.

Brooke is in a weird place with her youngest son in which they haven’t really been speaking. She heard he had a daughter a year ago. If she is truly a grandmother, she wants to meet her grandchild. But Brooke knows this will require mending things with her son and getting him to open up to her.

Evelyn meets with a private investigator to discuss the multiple aliases she found on Jackie. She learns Jackie was arrested in 1987 for prostitution. This makes her conclude that Jackie has allegedly been living a double life.


  1. 1987? Yeah cancel this bullsh-t. Funny how Evelyn’s phony a-s just had a problem with Vanessa investigating Jen’s sus a-s fiancé but it’s okay to hire a private investigator for Jackie. Evelyn can do what she wants but everybody else has to follow certain rules. F-ck this show.

    1. Evelyn has single-handedly ruined this show. The ratings won’t recover because of her. Justice for OG and Tami.

    1. You sound ridiculous wanting the only wives fired. And you ALWAYS write this on BBWLA posts. People like you are exactly why basketball wives is trash now. Y’all go up for single groupies like Brooke and Evelyn who have nothing to do but cause problems for actual wives. Then you’re okay with all the wives being run off the platform. I hope the whole show is cancelled. It’s what you deserve.

      1. Right. Imagine wanting the married black women off the show about wives but being okay with the nonblack racist groupie who uses the n word staying. Eww! I’d NEVER.

    2. Jackie is literally everybody’s storyline so she ain’t gotta go nowhere. Tell Evelyn’s boring a-s to leave. She has no life so she’s obsessed with Jackie. Ratings been sh-t since she returned.

  2. Why are they bothering Jackie, she tried to make nice and y’all walked away and brought up old BS, now you’re digging in her past for what??? To get a reaction that won’t be good and try to embarrass her??? This won’t be good and why I’m done with this show. As you get older, you mature and know how to handle yourself as an adult, these women aren’t handling themselves as adults or a sisterhood. What a shame

  3. We’re supposed to care about this? Jackie was likely a teen in 1987. The difference is today Jackie is married to a wealthy man who adores her and Evelyn is single still holding on to the prostitute mentality she taught her daughter. Evelyn is such a loser.

  4. They really need to stop forcing Evelyn on people. She’s racist, colorist, miserable and just not good TV. Let her and Shaunie go. They are unlikable and turned off a lot of viewers. No one has even talked about this show like that since OG and Tami left.

    1. Well Shayla I’m sorry to inform you but Shaunie will never be let go on the fact that it’s technically her show & she is the one that started it from the get go. Sorry

      1. No need for an apology because nothing you said was true. Shaunie has no ownership of Basketball Wives and she didn’t create it either. Try those lies somewhere else. Some of us have been here from the beginning.

      2. Shaunie stole the concept of BBW from Royce Reed. She has no power or ownership of the show’s ip. The network can part ways with her and should because she’s a huge reason why the show is struggling. Shaunie should just stay away and focus on being an evil First Lady.

      1. This! Also to add Evelyn only sees dark skinned women as accessories she can use to hide her bigotry! Notice how she always makes up with Jennifer when she’s in the hot seat!

  5. What player was Evelyn chasing in 1987? Jackie managed to marry 4 men and Evelyn? Jackie has changed over the years and Evelyn has not, why? Brooke is worried about Jackie, when she has children who are in non- contact with her, again why? Instead of making Jackie their story explor the issues in their own life.

  6. Not P.I LAZODA now Evelyn been one of my faves for years, my wife always say that’s because I am looking at how she looks instead of her personality.Anywho her trying to go up against one of my other favs Jackie has me looking at shawty sideways without Jackie there is no BASKETBALL WIVES if she go I just have one thing to say in the words of the woman that went viral “You about to lose your job” PERIOD!!!!!!

  7. Why didn’t Evelyn hire a private investigator for that loser rapper her daughter is knocked up by? He’s going to give her decades of problems. Evelyn has essentially been f-cking for pay since the 90s. She taught her daughter the same mindset. Why should we care about Jackie doing it in 87? Evelyn needs to sit her hypocritical a-s down somewhere. Sis is 50 and doesn’t even know what a double life means because her airheaded a-s only got through life lying on her back so she doesn’t know how to use her brain. What a dumb show this is.

  8. They need to put BBWLA out if it’s misery. No one watches it anyway. This pattern of Shaunie using Evelyn to take down people she doesn’t like is not entertaining and never was. The crazy thing is Evelyn and Shaunie both have nefarious pasts themselves. Is Shaunie going to address the man who recently said she pays him for s-x and did so before her second marriage to that fake pastor? I noticed she never denied it or sued. Hmm.

  9. I don’t know if this is some real or bs. It just seems like it’s STAGED!. why watch this season because it’s like a horror movie I’m about to watch.

  10. This is literally Baddies the grandmothers edition and it’s less entertaining. Evelyn, Brooke, Shaunie and their butt kissers don’t like Jackie because she doesn’t have the aesthetics they foolishly thought were required to have a happy marriage with a professional athlete. They’re jealous she has a Doug because they don’t believe Jackie deserves him. But pretty looks, lots of Botox and plastic surgery does nothing when you lack substance as a human being. Who wants to wife up a blowup doll? That’s boring and it’s why Ev and Brooke are where they are.

    1. Correct and this is also why the fans don’t like Jackie as well. No one ever taught them that just being pretty with a nice body isn’t enough. Those things can’t sustain a marriage.

    2. The fact that Jackie and Doug remarry every year should be enough for people to realize that man ain’t leaving her period. The jealousy is real.

  11. Tami and OG need to come back and humble Evelyn again. She’s out of order because no one there will beat her up or check her. Fake gangster. She’s the absolute worst.

  12. Either Shaunie is lying about being the boss(that just happen to also appear on the show) or some have missed a few episodes or interviews. Just on last season’s reunion, she reminded Jackie of her “credits” and in season four she fired Brandi.She has said many times she created the show and presented it to the network; she cast the show. She is responsible for bringing Evelyn back with the intentions on shaking the show up. It never cease to amaze me how these women will throw bottles, pull wiigs off, call somebody a “B” for no valid reason but then turn around and do fhe exact same thing and nobody call them on it.
    In recent years Evelyn has had several “fiances”, and a husband but is attempting to out Jackie: I can’t believe Shaunie didn’t know she was planning to do this, its all for ratings. I wish it were some way that Jackie could sue Evelyn . There is no reason for her to investigate anybody.


    1. Shaunie did not fire Brandi and she’s never had any power to hire and fire. The real producers and network heads make those decisions. Shaunie lies A LOT. Most of you don’t even know what she was up to before she met Shaq. I do and if more people knew she’d run hiding. The network is responsible for enabling Evelyn and bringing her back while never holding her accountable. If folks didn’t hear Erica Mena’s racism to Spice, Mena would still be on LHHATL too. Viacom doesn’t care about black people. I think a lot of these shows will be cancelled when the buyout goes through.

  13. I also think it’s wrong for Evelyn to be investigating Jackie and the execs are allowing it. Jackie should sue or investigate Evelyn

  14. The only people who think this is a big deal are the Evelyn and Shaunie cultists and well there aren’t many of them thank goodness. Most fans have enough common sense to laugh at this especially when Evelyn still operates with a prostitute mentality in the present. In this same episode she asked Brooke if she slept with the man who gave her a Chanel bag on their first date. She gave it up to Chad the first night to get closer to his wealth. This is why her attempts at destroying Jackie never work because we all remember Evelyn’s tea. She needs to stay away from this show because she only tanks it.

  15. Evelyn is the wrong messenger and that’s why this is backfiring. No woman who’s slept with so many athletes spanning multiple sports can shame another woman about her past choices. So lame.

  16. I’ve never understood why people all over Jackie!!! Jackie has a lot of issues and these comments about being jealous WTH would they be jealous of her cuz of her corny husband Ok! I’m not a huge fan of any of them they are ok but it’s entertainment! Those who say its garbage ITS RATCHET TV DUH DONT WATCH IT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT’S SIMPLE and fyi arrest records are public knowledge so there can’t be any suing ESPECIALLY IF ITS IN BLACK & WHITE WOW! What she should’ve been doing is using Doug’s finances to get her record cleaned up instead of jacking it off once your on TV personal business up for grabs smh!!

    1. Everyone has issues, including me and you. It ain’t about liking Jackie. It’s the principle. The show is called Basketball Wives. Evelyn’s whole agenda is running off every wife because she was only one for 5 minutes and she’s bitter she’s aged out of the groupie lifestyle. You sound bitter too calling a black man corny for being a good husband. Why are Jackie haters always like this? No man ever loved you before like none of them loved Evelyn either? I pity y’all! Evelyn said Vanessa was wrong to investigate Jenn’s man just a few episodes ago. Since she’s changing the rules again, she better be okay with her past being dug up next! No tears this time either.

  17. Did you Jackie lovers remember what she did to her daughter because she was DARKSKIN. I could never like crazy lying a-s Jackie. I never watched her story or ever thought she was interesting. Everyone knows Doug has plenty of women and Jackie knows this. Evelyn is just too real and a little ghetto but she makes it interesting.

    1. So you don’t like Jackie because of how she treated her daughter 20 years ago but you like Evelyn, a nonblack woman who was racist and colorist as recently as two seasons ago. Girl bye. You don’t care about Jackie’s daughter. Mind you Jackie’s daughter has forgiven her and it wasn’t Jackie calling OG a monkey or making her an outcast because of what she looked like. You just like defending racist Latinas because you have no spine! Thank goodness most of us have more sense and self respect. We ain’t got to like Jackie to dislike racist trash like Evelyn. Bye!

    2. “Everyone knows Doug has plenty of women and Jackie knows this.”

      Yeah, you’re a liar. Doug and Grant Hill are known as the most loyal NBA husbands. Even Shaunie has said multiple times Doug doesn’t cheat. When you have to lie to make a point on here it’s time to hang it up. You Evelyn defenders are down bad. LOL.

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