LAMH Fans Call out Maurice Scott over Comment to Miss Wanda on Tribute Post for KeKe Jabbar

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LAMH fans told Maurice Scott his comment on Miss Wanda’s tribute post was out of line.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star KeKe Jabbar’s death really shocked fans and cast members. In light of her passing, tense conversations have taken place on social media. Some have called out Miss Wanda, LaTisha Scott, and Marsau Scott for their treatment of KeKe while she was alive. As we reported, KeKe took issue with LaTisha and Marsau accusing her of relapsing. Marsau and LaTisha didn’t appreciate KeKe alleging that Marsau had been unfaithful. When things got really bad between the family members, KeKe threw a drink in LaTisha’s face. In response, LaTisha said she was washing her hands of KeKe completely.

After news of KeKe’s death went viral, LaTisha expressed her sadness over not being able to make peace with KeKe before her death.

Miss Wanda released a statement on Instagram. She thanked her followers for uplifting their families with prayers and spoke about her heartbreak.

She wrote,

“To each and every person who has reached out to us – whether through heartfelt phone calls, beautiful floral arrangements, and generosity – please know that your gestures have not gone unnoticed. Each act of kindness has touched our hearts and reminded us of the positive impact Keke had on so many lives.

The outpouring of love from friends, fans, and even strangers has been truly overwhelming. It serves as a testament to Keke’s vibrant spirit and the joy she brought to those around her. Your stories, memories, and words of encouragement have provided us with strength and solace during these dark days.”

While many of Wanda’s supporters replied with supportive comments, other commentators were critical. They called out Wanda for her treatment of KeKe. And they doubted that she wrote the heartfelt message herself. Interestingly enough, Maurice Scott received backlash after he chimed in.

He said, “Beautiful. Wanda, did you Chat GPT that message? 💜💜💜”

Fans accused Maurice of crossing the line.

One person wrote, “@miamireece Giving the circumstance, this comment seems very inappropriate.”

Another responded, “@miamireece this ain’t the time. Have some respect!”

An Instagram user told Maurice his comment only encouraged more criticism of Wanda.

“@miamireece Poor taste. Why give the fans who already question her intelligence, more ammunition?”


  1. It’s obvious if you’re a writer when you are writing a statement concerning any personal topic the written words are formed by the way you express yourself while speaking. Wanda Moore isn’t capable of conjugation she’s splitting to many verbs, and can’t pronounce most of the words written in that statement, (on her behalf) albiet done so eloquently..I digress it was a lovely sentiment, but she’s not the author. ##RIPKEKEJABBAR

    1. No lies detected here!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      However, whoever wrote it, did a good job. I think Wanda, Tisha & Maurice should’ve kept quiet & don’t speak publicly about Keke. You can’t say “She’s dead tome” & when she actually passes away, you’re so heartbroken. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve while she was still here

  2. Anything they do is going to be criticized. We don’t know their true family dynamics. Just because you’re mad at a family member and you don’t know if you want to ever deal with them again doesn’t mean that if something happens to them, you won’t feel hurt and a great loss.

    Reality TV go away.

    It’s a curse for selling your soul to the devil.

  3. Remember Maurice is the same person who demanded s-x from his wife who was fighting for her life with Cancer , so what did we expect from him and his DUI , Mel the one who used KeKe in order to get back at Tisha , then basically told her on TV that she didn’t want to fool with her anymore because of the blogs , But she all over the place slamming people because that show is the reason she left the maniac husband who had always cheated and she knew it but once we knew it became an issue : Just cancel the entire SHOW

    1. girlllllllll u hit that dead on! especially her knowing them playin victim once the world knew.

    1. As true as it is that she clearly DIS NOT author that tribute – who puts “written by” in their sign off – it was not the time for that comment. Sensitivity and empathy (something those silly Scott dudes know nothing of) should have prevailed in this case. Not every cheap shot needs to be taken.

  4. Smh social media is a mess you take a few scenes and assume! Everyone can talk mess when they are behind a computer/phone typing away, I’ll bet a great number of people on here has had family issues how did you handle it?!? I have a family member that has kept of drama and a drug abuser, I don’t deal with drama but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her!! They are allowed to grieve KeKe and Tisha did things to each other and because Tisha needed peace doesn’t mean she didn’t care wow common sense these days 🤦‍♀️

  5. I agree with him, she didn’t like nor respect KeKe. So for her to (get someone to write) make a statement that the world knows is not from the Heart (from guilt) is asking for just what he and others (many) gave her. She should have kept her mouth shut. For those who think the cast should not have attended the service(s), is not right. They all are (actors/actresses) in a way and did whatever they did to boost the ratings. For those who brought Mel up, remember she tried to help her by proving that she wasn’t on drugs. Tisha is a mean girl cousin and needs to get her husband in check. (he is very disrespectful and she acts like his child…not his wife…js

  6. Wanda should have Respected her Mother/Uncle wishes bc while Keke was alive they took her on a 🎢 and the circle I hate when she came back with a Olive Branch most rejected it I was surprised of Mel bc that hurt Keke and me Stormi is the only one who listened and still gave her opinion I hate Keke had to leave this world with a lot but God relieved her from this cruel 🌎

  7. It’s unfortunate RIP Keke. The picture that Tisha and her mother posted on the day of the funeral was taken the previous week at another relative funeral. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the posting of the picture. However, they were not in attendance.

  8. And she did…..Maurice was right😂😂😂😂 Wanda copied and pasted that from somewhere 😜😜😜

  9. Sorry for the loss of Keke. I liked her and understood that she had some serious issues which she was trying to overcome. Let’s all extend a lil Grace for Keke and her family. My heart goes out to her husband and children especially!! Rest easy Keke💜

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