Lil’ Wayne Isn’t The Best Skater Alive: Rapper Injures Shoulder

Lil’ Wayne injures his shoulder after nasty skateboarding accident.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Lil’ Wayne continues to make the transition to add Skater on his already lengthy resume that includes rap superstar and Young Money head honcho; he embarks on a lifestyle that includes many injuries and bloody reminders of picking up a new hobby.

Recently, Lil’ Wayne was spotted on the set for an upcoming music video for budding rapper French Montana’s latest single “Pop Dat.” Though Lil’ Wayne seemed fine, he admitted to, who happened to be on the set, that he had indeed injured himself in a nasty skateboarding accident:

“I separated my shoulder like four weeks ago and I didn’t go to rehab. It hurts like f**k.”

The rapper also told that the injury occurred while he was on the road to promote his newest endeavor, clothing line Trukfit.

Wayne also revealed that he was in so much pain that he would not even let the video girls on the set touch it. Turns out, his injury is so bad there appears to be a shoulder bone protruding from his skin:

“I would let them [give me a massage] but my s**t is really tender to the touch, I can’t even let no one touch it.”

Wayne may want to shut down skateboarding like he managed to do with the rap game, but it sure does seem as if he is falling off skateboards and hitting fans over the head with them more than actually skating on them.

Catch the interview here:


  1. I wish he would just give it up. He is not and will not be the last black person to try and fail at skateboarding. You can’t be great in everything.

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