Brandon Barnes Explains Why He Stands by His Comment About Lil Wayne

Photo Credit: Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

Brandon Barnes, breakout star from the first season of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta,”clashed with Reginae Carter after he told her that he could have helped Lil Wayne’s career.

The comment of course is one of the reasons Reginae decided she could not deal with Brandon, and she even sicced her cousins and Toya Wright on him in front of the cameras.

Despite all the drama the remark caused, Brandon explained in an interview why he said what he said.

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  1. I get what he’s saying. If you don’t believe in yourself then who will? And the more confidence you have, the more people won’t like you because the average American has low self esteem any damn way.

  2. I didn’t get why people were clowning him for believing in his abilities. Especially while putting Reginae and Toya on some pedestal just for being associated with Lil Wayne.

    1. I feel Brandon feeling a type of way is valid however I don’t think he needed to involve Lil Wayne in an argument with his daughter was inappropriate. I in no way condone Reginae behavior she’s very spoiled but the argument should have involved her and her alone. If Brandon has something to say about Lil Wayne then say it to him not his daughter.

  3. This isn’t a race issue or a black issue. He’s just an a-shole. I think he’s a natural at reality television though.

  4. He believes in himself. There’s nothing wrong with that but at the same time, confidence ain’t always enough to be successful. You have to eventually make sure your resume matches your confidence.

  5. He just tells it like it is and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. He’s cool with me though.

  6. Its one thing to be confident and another to be arrogant and offensive. Brandon came across to me as a know-it-all. He didn’t want to listen to anyone that had more experience in the game than him. (Ms.Deb) Furthermore, the way he spoke to ppl was off-putting. His personality really rubbed me the wrong way. He maybe very good at artist development however, his approach was a turn off.

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