NeNe Leakes: I Miss Hanging Out With Kim Kardashian

Nene Leakes Kim Kardashian Friendship

Is the friendship that NeNe Leakes is claiming between her and Kim Kardashian for publicity purposes only?

By: Taren Vaughan

Since being a member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, NeNe Leakes has continued to gain exposure through several outlets in addition to the reality TV show that she is most famous for starring in. She has made cameo appearances as herself in TV shows Glee and The Game. And it has been recently reported that Leakes is on the verge of launching her own fashion line. While she is making moves and doing some heavy promoting, NeNe took to Twitter to throw in the fact that her hectic schedule has kept her from hanging out with her friend…Kim Kardashian?

Earlier today, NeNe tweeted about how much she missed kickin’ it with her homegirl Kim:

“I miss my girl @KimKardashian we both have been crazy busy,”

NeNe is known for name dropping and letting people know which celebrities she is cool with.

However, why would a Kardashian be at the top of her buddy list?

Well Kim K. does draw much attention. And even though most of it is extremely negative, she gets it. As we speak, she is circulating through the media almost on a daily basis. Girlfriend of controversial artist Kanye West, alleged naked pics being cycled through Twitter of her eating in a hotel room and her recent interview with the Queen of Daytime Television herself Oprah Winfrey. The interview may have lost Oprah some cool points but Kim was winning.

Hate to admit it but seems like everybody with the last name Kardashian can make headlines with the quickness despite the fact that they all have not an ounce of real talent.

There is one thing that fans know by now about NeNe Leakes: She never turns down an opportunity to let herself be heard and noticed. And with this in mind, people are questioning the so-called “friendship” that she is claiming between her and Kim Kardashian.

Do you think this is all a stunt to get NeNe more shine or is the  friendship real?


  1. No need for NeNe to waste her breath. Kim doesn’t need photo opps with NeNe anymore because she’s dating Kanye West. NeNe should know this. She’s just as much as an opportunist herself.

  2. They were never real friends. Just using each other. I’m pretty sure NeNe just wanted to remind her followers that she’s a rich b-tch and enjoys hanging around people just as fake as her.

  3. ew and people like this have money by doing nothing. ughhhh im so diqusted with the world. kin=m acts like she was royalty and nene act like she wanted a good picture with this hoe. get your car nene, and leave and kim get in a wreck and die.

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