Joseline Hernandez Calls Mimi Faust a Former Ja Rule Groupie

Joseline and Mimi Beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. continue to be the messiest duo of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Besides the affair, the two continue to have despite Stevie J. having a girlfriend and baby mama for the last few years in Mimi, the two get so messy that it ultimately leads to a Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. fight. But not before Mimi and Joseline battle it out after Mimi learns Joseline is pregnant. The two engage in a pretty nasty argument once Joseline drops the bombshell that she is indeed pregnant by Stevie J., something Stevie J. eventually denies later before the end of the third episode. But not before Joseline spills a little tea on Mimi’s alleged “jumpoff” and groupie days that took place with no other than rapper and very married Ja Rule.

Check out the clip of Joseline dragging Mimi about her old groupie past. The chick is hilarious:




While it’s still not much known on rather or not this is true, there have been a few whispers in Atlanta that Mimi can’t be too mad at Joseline considering that she’s been a jumpoff to a taken man her self. These same sources claim that Mimi did indeed sleep with Ja Rule while he was married, and this was supposedly around the same time Murder Inc. was on top and very much relevant. Mimi didn’t confirm nor deny the accusations during the argument, so I’m pretty sure more tea will be brewing regarding Mimi’s affair with Ja Rule back in the day to our gossipy pleasure.

This show just gets messier with each episode. Is there anybody in the cast who doesn’t have any skeletons in their closet? Looks like Rasheeda might be the only one…for now.


  1. You have to have low self esteem to date a man like Stevie J. I think he may also be abusive. The way he talks to Joseline is very suspect to me.

    1. He talks to her like she’s his hooker. I honestly think she may be and t won’t come out until the show is over. Something is just off about these two.

  2. These two women truly disgust me. Why on earth are they sitting at a table tearing into each other over what some man is doing to the BOTH of them? Women in general lack common sense when it comes to men and relationships. When a man doesn’t respect you, there is nothing to fight over. And he clearly respects neither of these women. And stupid Joseline doesn’t even realize she’s getting played too. As soon as she told him she was pregnant, he basically pulled her hoe card. Silly rabbits.

  3. Does Joseline have some kind of learning disorder? I ask because at times she seems really slow and I think that’s why Stevie treats her the way he does. Men like Stevie know which women to target. Just like he knew Mimi would be weak enough to stay all those years and Joseline would be insecure enough to find status in being a side chick. Dudes like these are very calculated and women make it too easy.

    1. I agree to a point but it is not “Women” as a whole it’s stupid women. These girls come from the same place he does the gutter. ALLOT of women of all races are nothing like this. I have had plenty of opportunity to actl ike trash when I was younger I could have been a groupie jump off and never once did nor wanted to. The second these people see you are not like that they wanna block you out and write you off. Which was fine with me cause I wanted nothing to do with it anyway. I just wanna make it clear it’s not “Women” It’s trashy people as a whole.

  4. I just don’t find this woman attractive. She still has a hard face and looks masculine to me. She’s messy, so she will easily be the star of this show. But rather or not this is real or not, all these females are sad. The only two who aren’t are K. Michelle and Rasheeda. They seem to be the only ones trying to make something out of themselves.

  5. Well Mimi was Joseline back in the day. She was a certified groupie, and only wanted to sleep with men in the industry. Why she’s trying to be all high and mighty now, I think it’s just the older age thing. Because the young Mimi would have at least left Stevie when he went broke the first time. But that’s just what I heard…

  6. This is sad. Both these women are getting played and they are mad at each other. Makes no sense, but the sad thing is this is typical behavior for even the women who aren’t on reality tv,

  7. I really be hoping that the cast of LAHH be reading comments especially like the one I’m leaving,Mimi you do your thang girl! you look hella fly too damn fly,Jose Hernandez needs to check her sh-t!b-tch Stevie a-s only married your a-s because you are a prostitute he’s your pimp!!! your wack weak a-s video b-tch n-ggas was paying you to dance? you didn’t need a damn choreographer for them damn weak a-s moves in that video!!!! what goes around comes around Jose&Stevie b-tch you proposed to him instead of letting him take the step to ask you, you been running around acting a damn fool looking like you just left the track as Mimi said! b-tch your whole body is fake what the f-ck you going to do when all that sh-t go flat,Stevie love you but he’s not in love wit you,Mimi will always have what you don’t which is his Eva,so haha nasty a-s c-m drinking nut rag as b-tch,b-tch Mimi isn’t your threat but what about the rest of them hoes he will f-ck while y’all married how could you even degrade yourself like that was he really worth it? now to Erica&Scrappy Scrappy you f-cked with Shay ole tired nasty buck teeth a-s,we all know already is because she is also a c-m bucket hoodratt a-s hoe,she don’t have any respect for herself either,b-tch trying to be mad at Erica because you f-cked her baby daddy/man you still want this n-gga,opening up your legs& mouth ,momma Dee you need to let your boy be a man,your so called pimping days are long over with it’s like you can’t stay out of your son business,so he can stop running hiding under your skirt ,otherwise he will never ever have a real fulfilling relationship,Scrappy if you really love Erica when you proposed to Erica the first time you would’ve gotten together with your momma told her that’s the woman you love &want to spend the rest of your life with & to respect her,your momma will always be your mom, but damn n-gga she can’t be your woman so separate the two,Erica you are really beautiful inside & out,a real woman,mother,friend,support system,you the baddest chick on the show that’s why Shay ugly a-s fear you,she doesn’t have any reasons to call you out of your name but she’s a jealous skeet skeet!! Kurt&Rasheeda ,Rasheeda you another bad chick you stuck by your doggish a-s husband he’s turned up!! with some hoes n-gga your wife pregnant you out there being nasty, I had a bit of respect for you but n-gga you weak & nasty,Benzino I think you the best man on the cas you really be giving these men real talk on how to treat a lady, you seem so wise I gladly admire you,many more men needs to have that wisdom instilled in them,Tracy&Dru, Tracy you the business too girl! I like your realism as well microwaveable popcorn b-tches names,do you beautiful,Carli sit down &stop instigating ,K’Michelle you have really took me by surprise with your apologetic apologies to Mimi congratulations on your music career but don’t get anymore injections,Arianne you another cool chick a real friend,

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