Scrappy & Erica Dixon Come for Bambi & Diamond in New Interview + Receive Criticism

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Scrappy reunited with Erica Dixon & Diamond after Bambi ended their marriage.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy has been open about the ups and downs of his romantic relationships since the very first season of the show. When fans first met Scrappy, he was on good terms with Erica Dixon, his baby momma. However, it was hard for romance to work between them due to Momma Dee‘s interference. Things got so bad at one time that Momma Dee nearly fought Erica’s mother while they were filming. Momma Dee even taunted Erica’s mother about her struggle with drugs in the past. Erica also said Momma Dee also caused her to nearly suffer a miscarriage during the darkest times.  So it wasn’t surprising to fans when Scrappy and Erica’s engagement didn’t work out.

Erica said she left Scrappy due to infidelity. This wasn’t surprising since millions watched Scrappy split his time between Erica and Shay Johnson in the show’s first season. After Shay moved on and came to the conclusion Scrappy manipulates women, Bambi replaced her in the love triangle. Bambi has since divorced Scrappy and said she has no plans of being with Scrappy ever again. During an interview with Amanda Seales, Bambi said Scrappy’s failure to protect her throughout their relationship is something she can’t forgive.

Interestingly enough, before the show, Scrappy was in a love triangle with Erica and Diamond. On the current season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Scrappy has been spending time with Diamond and Erica. This will lead to a major blowup in a future episode.

Now Diamond has moved on, too.

Diamond has had enough. She told Carlos King that Scrappy has been trying to cause drama with her and Erica while she is grieving her father. And while her dad was dying, Scrappy and Erica were trolling on social media. Momma Dee was the only person who even checked on her wellbeing. So she’s done with Scrappy and no longer wants to be involved in the love triangle storyline. Rumor has it she is now engaged to someone else.

Well, Scrappy and Erica clapped back in a new interview with Carlos.

Erica slammed Diamond and Bambi. She and Scrappy insist she’s Scrappy’s true love and she is enjoying watching Scrappy’s other exes get their “karma.” Erica also said Bambi will lose some “war” and they are united. As for Scrappy, he said he’s always been in love with Erica, despite being married with children at one point.


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Some LHHATL fans are not impressed.

While some LHHATL fans were excited about the interview, others have been critical. They think Erica and Scrappy look ridiculous and toxic. They made this clear in the comment section of Carlos’ Instagram post.

One person wrote, “Where her other baby daddy at? Why she so pressed about the same man she called a **** multiple times, kicked out her house multiple times, tried to fight his momma multiple times, and tried to get him locked up? I’m confused.”

Someone else thinks the interview is a disservice to all involved.

“Scrappy just sitting there while Erica bashes his two exes, one being the mom of his kids..?! That’s not cool. And Carlos this is messy.”

Others think Bambi is the only one who won in the situation by just walking away.

“A whole hot mess! Bambi won!!!!”

One fan thinks Erica is going out sad, “She going to get hers, karma don’t play!!! She thinks she won and that is so sad.”

Another feels Erica looks like a clown, “Lol, at this point Erica needs to realize she’s
looking like 🤡.”

Some fans believe Scrappy is the problem.

“Scrappy is the problem but no one wanna treat him like Stevie J.”

As for other irritated fans, they think Scrappy’s relationship drama has gotten stale. They are tired of seeing it play out on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.”

One Instagram user wrote, “These people are playing games for a check. They’re uninteresting.”

Bambi dropped an interesting post hours before the interview dropped. See it here. The audio is of a woman talking about how some men brag about having a woman who won’t walk away despite past mistreatment.

“Think about him reading your messages and screenshotting them and putting them in the group chat with his homeboys and saying, ‘It doesn’t matter what I do. This ***** gon always come back. She’s desperate, just like a raccoon. You put out food for them one time, they gon come back to your house. They gon always come back to your porch.’ And all his boys in the group chat like **** man, how you got it like that? And he replies back and says, ‘Man, I dog the **** out of this *****. She’s desperate as ****, she ain’t got no sense. So ain’t never gonna find nobody better than me. I’m the best she can do. She’s like a dog, a cat if you will. That’s my little stray. And all of them laughing ’cause that **** is hilarious.”

Check out the full interview below.


  1. The audio/TikTok Bambi posted is so true. There are really men out here who dog out women to keep them hooked. It works on women who have low self esteem because someone taught them it’s okay for relationships to be unhealthy. I’m so embarrassed for Erica. Scrappy is no prize and he loves no one but himself. Erica should have been happily married with a new life of her own by now. They are teaching their daughter some very unhealthy habits.

  2. This is why this show is flopping. Most of this cast has had the same storyline and life since season 1. Boring and pathetic.

  3. I’ve lost so much respect for Erica. Imagine becoming a puppet for the two people who dragged you the most. Momma Dee nearly made her miscarry her first born and Scrappy tried to take her away. Couldn’t be me. I ain’t a fool.

  4. I wouldn’t go anywhere near a “man” who has the mind of a boy, who cheats on everyone he’s with, and had his wife going half on the rent on national television. Eww. Get some self esteem, Erica. You’re better than this.

  5. Erica is never going to move on with her life and it’s really sad. What a horrible example this kind of stuff is to young black girls.

  6. Umm, Erica has won nothing because Scrappy is not a prize. And Bambi leaving Scrappy wasn’t karma, it was God’s protection because she’s been glowing up since, published books, thriving businesses, and more without needing to bow down to Scrappy like Erica is doing. Some black women figure it out and others are Erica’s.

  7. I never thought I would see Erica act like this. I just knew she would be married and completely moved on from this mess. I guess not, she doesn’t realize this is so beneath her…Not to mention she has 3 daughters looking up to her. No man is worth this embarrassment at all!!! I commend Bambi for taking a stand and walking away !!!! Keep your head up QUEEN

  8. I want the best for all black women, but the more Erica talks, the more I realize she’s just not that bright. Scrappy isn’t either, so I guess this is why this circus has been going on since 2005. Smart people evolve. Everyone else continues the clownery and die old fools. Scrappy has never loved any of these women, including Erica. Bambi looks smarter by the day.

  9. Erica Dixon is a rebound or what black men like to call the “in the meantime” chick. She’s had this position from the beginning and she’ll have it for the rest of her life. Her fans relate because they are also waiting around for some loser too. Erica can’t even see her own worth outside of Scrappy. It’s pathetic and the only people who think this nonsense is cute are other dysfunctional people. Carlos is using their stupidity for views and I don’t blame him.

  10. So Erica is back to being Scrappy’s mattress and puppy again. I guess she’ll be rubbing his ashy feet on TV in no time. I can’t say I’m surprised. The theme of this show has always been toxic black men and the foolish black women who fight over them.

  11. But he’d still be married to Bambi to this day and eating Diamond’s kitty kat from the back if they didn’t throw him back to the streets. Erica is delusional as f-ck and I hate it. Carlos is gassing her when Scrappy never loved her either. His actions confirmed he didn’t. She just doesn’t see she’s a safety net until the new victim comes. Scrappy has been consistent and he’ll never be a good partner or husband because he doesn’t believe in accountability.

  12. Also, I see a future where Scrappy won’t have a good relationship with all of his kids. His messy treatment of their mothers and his need to keep pitting them against each other won’t end well.

  13. Erica & Scrappy are so bothered Bambi has removed herself from their hood rat circus and she’s thriving! They can continue to seethe and do anything for these crumbs of attention! They look dumb. 🥰

    1. 🤣 Bambi will always be the ring leader of the Hood Rat Circus. Homie hopping and trying to f-ck Benzino…. Ain’t no coming back from that 🤡💩

      1. Scrappy was literally raised in crack houses and has no idea how to be a man, Momma Dee chose the street life over being an actual mother, Erica has committed herself to being Scrappy’s mattress since the early 2000s instead of being a good role model for her daughters. Baby, they are the hood rats. We’ve never even seen Erica in a healthy relationship because she loves bums. Maybe you can relate but I can’t boo 😘. So I’ll continue to support the college educated black woman who divorced a bum and has been making more money since. There are levels to this. Some black girls get it and some of you just don’t have the range. 🥰 Continue to support hood rats though. I would never.

  14. Scrappy is always tweeting about God but he needs to get his life in order because karma isn’t kind to men who cause chaos in their family and the lives of women. The reckoning always comes for them eventually. He has no idea the dangerous spiritual game he’s been playing. And Erica is too unwise to know she’s sitting in her karma right now. In her 50s, it will hit her how many years she wasted dealing with Scrappy. I hope her daughters make smarter decisions and break the cycle.

  15. Black women who buy into the baby momma nonsense usually end up in this position. Smart women detach themselves from men it didn’t work with, whether they have children together or not. But silly women like Erica, in their minds, they’ve been fighting this imaginary war to be number one to their child’s father. They will watch the man marry other women and have other children, but they’ll stick around to be “chosen” by him when all the other women have moved on. It’s the pinnacle of male identification and pick me behavior. Erica has been this way forever, it’s just her good looks overshadowed her bad choices and low vibrational lifestyle. She ain’t no diva.

  16. I was clearly uncultured and naive when I used to stan Erica back in the day. Whew. Sad when people you like don’t evolve at all.

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