LHHATL Drama: Momma Dee Alleges Bambi Tried to Fight Her Last Week

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Momma Dee and Bambi’s feud has played out on LHHATL and on social media.

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” may have wrapped up one of the most controversial seasons yet, however, the drama hasn’t paused during the show’s hiatus. While the biggest controversy surrounded Erica Mena and Spice‘s feud, Bambi and Scrappy‘s divorce has also been a hot topic. The former couple had a lot of issues over the years. Momma Dee isn’t a fan of Bambi. The feeling is mutual. In fact, Bambi has said that Momma Dee interfered too much in her and Scrappy’s marriage. To add to the drama, Momma Dee has also bashed Bambi on social media. When she appeared on “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” she said she wished Scrappy would have married Shay Johnson.

Interestingly enough, Bambi still didn’t blame the divorce on Momma Dee. She revealed she filed for divorce because Scrappy had been back in communication with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. The two rappers appeared on the Millennium Tour at the same time. So when Bambi discovered texts from Scrappy telling Diamond to meet him at his hotel room, she was done. Regardless, Bambi and Momma Dee’s relationship is even more contentious now than it was while Scrappy and Bambi were still together. As we reported recently, Bambi confirmed she is currently suing Momma Dee for defamation. She did so during an interview with Amanda Seales’ Small Doses podcast.

Momma Dee is still coming for Bambi on social media regardless of the lawsuit.

Bambi said Momma Dee lied when she accused her of giving police a fake ID during her club arrest with Erica and Zell Swag. Momma Dee alleged Bambi lied about her age. So the two women will face off in court soon. In the meantime, Momma Dee had more to say about Bambi while she was on Instagram Live recently with Shay. Shay tried to tell Momma Dee it’s not a good look to keep bashing the mother of her grandchildren on the internet.

Shay said, “It never fails. You always…listen, I know you’re subliminally talking about that girl. That is your kids, grandkids…”

Momma Dee interrupted, “Who her? Down there?” She then proceeded to pan the camera to the toilet bowl and bathroom floor.

Momma Dee continued, “Look down there. Her down there? That’s how I feel about that *****. Her down there…her down there.”

Shay tried and failed once again to get Momma Dee to stop, “Now that ain’t right. Don’t do that.”

But Momma Dee just went on to accuse Bambi of trying to fight her the previous week.

“You don’t know she tried to fight me last week. No ma’am, no ma’am.”


  1. Momma Dee is a mess she stays in her sons marriage to MUCH. She didn’t Erica when she and scrappy was together, take momma Dee off the show

  2. As a Mother and A Woman I respectfully wish Mama Dee would sit her ass down and stop talking shit. Enough is Enough.. She’s almost 60 and Hasn’t Realized That Scrappy is Her Son Not Her Man. She will learn so real act right. Her behavior though out has been horrendous and heinous…

    1. You are absolutely right ✅️. At one point I did wish for scrappy and Shay to have remained together but who you choose is who you choose

  3. Momma Dee is unfortunately an old fool. The way she tried to destroy just about every woman Scrappy has been with just shows she never let the pimp mentality go. I get it if Bambi ran up. Momma Dee is a menace.

  4. Are we supposed to be outraged for Momma Dee? The way her and Scrappy are constantly bothering women and disturbing their peace instead of getting the help they desperately need…yeah, I feel nothing when they receive the karma they’ve earned.

  5. It’s a mystery how Bambi, Erica, and Diamond haven’t all whopped Momma Dee’s a-s by now. That lady has no respect for anybody, not even Scrappy.

  6. I have no idea why Scrappy and Momma Dee are still on the show. They have the same toxic storyline every season. They are too emotionally stunted to ever change. So freshen up the cast. Kirk and Rasheeda should be gone as well. Boring show.

  7. It’s OBVIOUS that Scrappy cries to his every time he’s in a relationship when things don’t go his way? If not she would be on a different subject. It keeps money coming to her pockets so she won’t stop?

  8. SHAY is Correct. MOMMA DEE is very wrong for this. BUT Shay must heed her own advice on decorum and self control

  9. Momma D needs a life is that why they don’t show her husband and why is scrappy allowing her to interfere with his life he had a beautiful strong lady on his side years ago she liked Bambi and then she stopped is she jealous

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