Lil’ Wayne to Paparazzi: You’re Gonna Get Shot

Lil Wayne Skateboarding

By: A.J. Niles

Lil’ Wayne skateboarding is still a crazy sight for many people. What people still may not know is that Weezy does not like to be bothered when he is practicing skateboard tricks. He recently had some of his skateboard goons attack papartazzi for filming his skateboard antics. Weezy also injured himself performing skateboard tricks as well. So it is not any surprise that Lil’ Wayne, who is still on probation, told a rogue paparatazzi “Don’t do that. You gonna get shot,” as he was being filmed by rolling down the street on a skateboard at night. Hopefully, the verbal threat will not be a violation of his probation. We do not need to see Weezy back behind bars. Who knows; Weezy might be the first platninum selling rapper to win and X-Games medal.

Check out the clip below. Thanks to Wow! Celebrity TV for the video.


  1. He wasn’t lying though. Y’all know those goons he travels with and labels as “bodyguards” would have no problem shooting anyone their master asks them to.

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