So is Rihanna Broke? (Throwback Gossip)

 Rihanna Broke

Is Rihanna broke? It was just recently reported that Rihanna has filed suit against her group of former accountants. According to the suit, Rihanna is accusing the firm of “Gross Mismanagement” of her funds from her tours. Apparently, Rihanna claims the firm has caused her to lose tens of millions of dollars from her tours since 2005. But does this mean Rihanna is poor? Well if there is any truth to what her former accountant said a few years ago, Rihanna is broke or close to it.

Page 6 reported the following in 2008:

Patricia Williams, who was recently released from her duties as Rihanna’s accountant, tell all to New York’s Page Six revealing that the singer is broke, check it out the report:

Rihanna’s now ex-business manager Patricia Willliams has been recently fired as she recalls “for no good reason, all in ignorance” and is “livid” with Rihanna & her management company Rebel One’s decision to axe her.

The Barbados born singer has had four back-to-back albums, including a re-release since her debut of “Pon De Replay” in 2005..

“I don’t want to disrespect Marc’s name. He is a fantastic manager and genuinely believes in Rihanna. But he uses her money to fund her future projects because he believes he can break her in the world-market. Her album sales are not nearly as close to her single sales and he knows that if she is only known as a ‘singles artist’ she will only be as good as her last hit. Unfortunately, he didn’t inform his client and I’m receiving the brunt of it.

“Her record label Def Jam has put out 3 albums in a time span of 2 years. Alot of that was orchestrated through her management Rebel One. It was never Def Jam’s intention to release so many albums back-to-back but Marc Jordan found loop holes and ways to make it happen.A lot of the money Rihanna made through her endorsements between CoverGirl Cosmetics, Samsung.. Notice that majority of Rihanna’s videos have a cell phone in it?”

“After the release of Rihanna and Teairra Mari, Def Jam had intention to drop both acts because their album sales were not successful. Her manager fought to get [S.O.S (Rescue Me)] and quickly tried to negotiate with as many companies as possible. Nike picked up the song and funded a video. This brought the hype back for Rihanna in the company’s New York office. Majority of the official ‘S.O.S’ video was funded by Samsung because the record label was only willing to put up a small amount. Once ‘S.O.S’ picked up digitally and at radio, Def Jam agreed to fund the rest of her album. Jordan instantly got a video shot to ‘Unfaithful’ (he negotiated with video director Anthony Mandler to drop his price and would be given more videos from Rihanna in return). Then they shot ‘We Ride’ which was an extremely cheap video to create. ‘Break It Off’ was released as a third album, but again, Def Jam was unhappy with the sales of her album “A Girl Like Me” and refused to shoot a video. At this point Rihanna was opening up for the Pussycat Doll’s in Europe. She was making 30,000 a show but she didn’t see any of that money because it was needed to fund her next album.” Which is now known to the greater public as a ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.”

The song “Umbrella” was found & Jordan fought again for Rihanna to have it. They shot the video, which CoverGirl funded half of, and the song became a success. When the record label had there meeting with Music Stores across the U.S to order her album for shipment, the number’s weren’t coming in the way that they expected. When the album’s first week numbers came in at less than 150,000, the label was shocked. Def Jam’s President LA Reid was livid! Umbrella was #1 for 11 weeks! Any other artist would have sold way more first week. T-Pain even did better in sales than her that week. Def Jam told Jordan they were no longer funding the album, so Jordan needed money again to pay for music videos ‘Shut Up & Drive’ and ‘Dont Stop The Music’. Almost 250,000 was spent to have those videos created. Plus, an additional 120,000 to shoot ‘Hate That I Love You’. Jordan was noticing that ‘Dont Stop The Music’ was picking up, so her persuaded the label to support it at radio in the U.S and the remaining singles, and they did.”

“Then came for the repackaging of her album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, which is called ‘Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded’, that entire project was funded through Rihanna’s money. ‘Take A Bow’ was bought through her money, the video was created with her money and so is her most recent video and single ‘Disturbia’. The label didn’t even want to pay a dime for anything! Close to 750,000 was spent on those two songs alone. And now she expects to see money in her account?”

Williams states that Jordan, her publicist from well-respected public relations firm 42-West, Alicia Silverman has built alot of hype around Rihanna’s name but the singer has only made “a little bit above a million” and “all of it was spent on making her as big as she is now. It’s not my fault that she only has 20,000 to her name.“

Rihanna Poor


I won’t even lie. There have been blind items and gossip reports about Rihanna being broke for years. So to see her finally file suit against her former accountants makes sense. If this firm did take money from Rihanna, she wouldn’t be the first young celebrity to get taken advantage of from sheisty accountants. Let’s just hope she gets justice and most of her funds back. You shouldn’t be poor if you’re making your record label millions…allegedly.


  1. Rihanna’s not “normal folk” broke. She still has more money than most people, it’s just that she should probably have way more. I hope she gets it all sorted out though. That sucks.

  2. Maybe if she stayed her cray behind off Twitter she could have figured out a lot sooner where all her money went. She’s not handling her business. You sing to make money, so watch your money and hire an accountant to watch your accountant. She’s gotta be smarter next time.

  3. I heard she was broke a few years ago too. I hope she gets everything worked out. I’m sure her family is depending on her.

  4. It’s going to be hard to win this case against those accountants. These people are pros with hiding money, but if she suing the same folks that are in that Page 6 article, they’re going to try to prove that Rihanna blew threw her own funds. This happens to celebs all the time. Hard case to prove on Rihanna’s end.

  5. Rihanna is struggling with her finances. I can’t say a whole lot but when she was with Chris, he was holding down her and her family with his money. That’s just what I HEARD. Rihanna blows through her money and she was never realistic abut trying to stay within a budget. It’s hard for a person to understand that they can be broke when they are so famous and making chart topping music.

    1. Where there’s a smoke there’s a fire right? I wonder what her little stans (the same ones who were calling the reports as hating a few years ago) are saying now? These celebs are fronting most of the time. People would be surprised if they knew how many of their faves are really broke.

    2. This sounds believable. I bet Chris Brown won’t ever go broke though. He has like several side businesses. That’s what these celebs have to do. Either that or end up broke because you wanted to floss/

  6. Of course she’s broke. She’s immature and it shows everyday on her Twitter account. Immature and doped up celebs blow through their money. And if she doesn’t grow up fast, she won’t even be relevant soon. Rita Ora may not take her spot, but someone will eventually. She better be smart and get her money right now while she’s relevant.

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