Alleged Groupie Accused Of Breaking Up Lil Wayne And Fiance’ Dhea Says She Is Not A Groupie

By: Taren Vaughan

A twit pic of Lil’ Wayne and “Princess Saralyn”, alleged groupie of the YMCMB rapper, leaked out yesterday. And before we knew it, the photo of the two appearing to be in a hotel room together, with Lil’ Wayne sound asleep in his draws, was all over the place. And as expected, the rumors started with the quickness, one of the main ones claiming that “Princess Saralyn” was not Lil’ Wayne’s new girlfriend or love interest but more like his groupie or side chick instead. After catching wind of the gossip, “Princess Saralyn”, who goes by the Twitter name @saralynzdope, tweeted about the nonsense that she woke up to about her being one of Lil’ Wayne’s many groupies:

“Woke up 2 craziness”

Her Twitter rant continues with her saying that people should definitely get their facts straight before blasting her on their site, pinning her as a groupie:

“If you want to post me on the front page, you should come to me and not your TACKY source.”

“Way too much to tweet but I’ll say this it wasn’t a ‘groupie situation’ at all. Lol.”

In an earlier tweet, she hints that Weezy is indeed feeling her despite what is being said:

“He loves a small town girl with that big city swag =)”

She ended her rant by saying that whoever leaked the picture of her and Wayne is extremely wack for doing it:

“It’s between me and Wayne actually, but I would never send anything to blogs. Whoever did is lame.”

And says she has a boat load of haters:

“Smh, I got haters out the ass lmao keep on”

Not so sure she has “haters out the ass” though…we didn’t even know who this chick was until yesterday.


  1. “Not so sure she has “haters out the ass” though…we didn’t even know who this chick was until yesterday.”<<<< I fuxin love this blog. LMAO!!!

  2. So here we go again. Another naive and gullible chick thinks she has something “special” with rap whore Weezy. She’ll end up like the 30,000 other ones. SMH

  3. She knows damn well that she leaked the photo her damn self. Why else would you take a picture while the man is sleeping? She probably had an orgasm when she saw that the blogs actually ran with the story, but it was probably just a slow news day. These little groupies are so damn obvious. And by the looks of her mug, ain’t nothing to “hate” on.

  4. Why are these chicks so proud to be screwing the guy that has like 4 baby mommas? News flash, that’s not a hard thing to do. Sh-t he has 4 baby mommas!

    1. I agree but for these kinds of females it’s that whole “star” factor. Had Weezy not become a famous rapper they wouldn’t even be checking for him. He looks like a gremlin for heaven’s sake. Maybe he knows that too so he runs through all these females since he knows they wouldn’t have given him the chance if he wasn’t famous.

  5. Here’s my thing though. How do we know Lil’ Wayne is even engaged? We saw Dhea with a ring on but no one confirmed it meant anything. So for all we know, he’s single, dating, and doing nothing wrong here.

  6. The look in her eyes says it all. She took the photo for bragging rights and this is exactly what she wanted. He probably called her and gave her an earful, so now she’s playing victim. GTFOH

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