Is Stevie J. on Drugs?

 Stevie J Drugs

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Stevie J. doing drugs? We can’t pretend Stevie J. hasn’t had questionable behavior on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. But what if some of his behavior was due to drugs? We already know Stevie J. isn’t responsible when it comes to his sex life and relationships, seeing as dude has about four or five baby mommas, and cheats on his last baby momma Mimi with his own artist, Joseline Hernandez. Stevie J. and Mimi are an absolute mess since Stevie J. can’t seem to master monogamy, but it appears that he might also struggle personally as it’s been suggested that the producer could possibly be addicted to drugs. What drugs in particular? Whispers and Atlanta urban gossip heads suggest Stevie J. is heavily into cocaine. Some even suggest that Stevie J. is broke because he spends so much of his money on drugs and it’s caused him to get behind in all of his child support payments. This could be the reason Mimi started her own cleaning company and is rumored to support him financially.

Interestingly enough, Mimi may have confirmed the rumors herself. In an bonus clip for Episode 3 of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi assures Stevie J. that he won’t have a chance in hell of getting custody of their daughter Eva since he hangs with a crowd who’s known to do cocaine and hang out too heavy on the Atlanta Nightlife scene.

“You stay with your f***kin coke sniffing friends and sluts. Ain’t no judge in they life would give you a baby with the lifestyle you live.”

Check it:

Edit: The video may not be available on iOS devices at the moment.

Is it possible that Stevie J. could just kick it with people who do drugs and still be drug free? Sure. But as we can see from his behavior on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, he’s not very good with peer pressure. And rarely does anyone in the music industry hang around coke heads without indulging in it themselves. This could also explain why Stevie J. hasn’t produced any tracks for major artists in years.

We really hope Stevie J. isn’t on drugs, but it sure does explain why he and Joseline fought like crackheads during the fight with Lil Scrappy and Erica. From the biting, to Joseline’s ability to get knocked down and get back up so quickly. They did act real…crackish.


  1. If this is true, this says more about Mimi than it does Stevie J. Why would you want to be with a man who cheats and does drugs? That could only be possible if you have just as much dirt as he does. Mimi can’t be a good girl wanting to be with Stevie J.

  2. Yeah I don’t know how true this is but I did hear from someone in the biz that Stevie J. hasn’t been getting much work because people know he’s a drug addicted mess. And I also heard too that he is broke because he was spending most of his money on jewelry, drugs, and courting too many women at one time. But despite all of that Mimi was still taking him back. So I agree with the other person on here that said Mimi’s loyalty to this guy is more telling about who she really is as a person than him. He has too many skeletons to be having babies with.

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