Stevie J. Calls His Daughter Savannah Jordan Unpredictable Amid GUHH Feud

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Savannah Jordan’s feud with Sakoya Wynter is causing drama on GUHH.

Growing Up Hip Hop” newbie Savannah Jordan isn’t on good terms with Sakoya Wynter. Sakoya’s explosive run-in with Tanice Simmons rubbed Savannah the wrong way. At the time, Tanice was pregnant. However, Sakoya wasn’t aware of this. The women exchanged words after Sakoya mistook a compliment for shade. She tried to throw her drink on Tanice. Luckily, the women were restrained. And things didn’t become violent. After the heated moment, Sakoya was hoping to hash things out with the Simmons family. She cleared things up with Vanessa and Jojo Simmons. However, Savannah and Cree Campbell still weren’t feeling Sakoya.

Savannah and Sakoya exchanged words at Lil Twist’s party. But it was when Savannah said that Sakoya should go take care of her son that Sakoya snapped. Cree and Savannah both ran up on Sakoya. Viewers had a lot to say about the situation. Many took to social media to call out Savannah and Cree. In their opinions, they believe both women should have handled things differently at Twist’s event.

Cree regretted that she went off the way she did. However, she was triggered by Sakoya telling her she wouldn’t understand how Savannah crossed the line until she became a mother. Cree has opened up about fearing she may not be able to have children on GUHH.

Although things got bad between them, Cree and Sakoya were able to hash things out. And on the upcoming episode, Stevie J. is hoping that Sakoya can do the same with Savannah. However, Savannah doesn’t seem all that interested in what Stevie wants to talk about. Things may not get resolved. In Stevie’s opinion, Savannah is “unpredictable.”

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