Gossip: Is Stevie J. A Former Pimp And Was Joseline One of His Former H-es?

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Stevie J. a pimp? Mimi Faust claimed in an interview that Stevie J.’s pimp-like antics stemmed from his faulty relationship with his mother.  Mimi’s comments on a bonus clip of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta suggested that Stevie J. was on drugs too. The way Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez acted during The Lil Scrappy Stevie Fight led some people to believe that he had to be on something as he allegedly bit Scrappy in the shoulder during the brawl, an act that he continues to deny.

As far as his rumored side hustle is concerned, a source revealed to AllHipHop.com that Stevie J. was indeed a pimp with real prostitutes (one of them supposedly Joseline) and that he passed off his top quality h-es to big time rappers and ball players. The source also added that Stevie used his pimp dough as a financial cushion during the music drought that he was going through when his Diddy money started to fade, a drought that landed him and Mimi on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

Rumor has it, dude is a real life pimp with actual skeezers! Now, trust me when I say I’m not saying this with any positivity. But, my source says that he’s known to serve rappers and basketballers with his high-grade brand of hooch! I also heard this is how he’s managed to get through the lean years in the music game. Clearly, he is a different kind of pimp now that he’s pimpin’ this reality TV game! On the low, cats told me his baby boo chick Joseline used to be one of his chicks. Respect!

Could this really be Stevie J.’s side hustle? Pimpin’ women out for some extra cash?

Stevie J Joseline Hernandez Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Joseline Hernandez alluded that it may be true. In the third episode of the show when Stevie told Joseline he had papers on her and that he will send her back to the strip club, she responded by saying “You send yourself  back to go pimpin”. We all know Joseline can be random and wrong at times just like how she claimed that Erica slept with Stevie J. But this comment of hers may have some truth to it.

Stevie J. a pimp? Can’t say we would be too surprised if these rumors are true. He brainwashes females, talks beyond reckless to them and then makes money off of their talents…Sounds pretty pimpish to me.

Even if Stevie isn’t a pimp, he sure as hell acts like one and is sadly receiving a round of applause for it from some people.


  1. I could have sworn I heard Joseline say something about this on the show. Damn these people have more skeletons in their closets than Fernbank has in the exhibits. And for you non ATL people. that’s a lot. LMBO

    1. I didn’t know you were from the A! Girl, I know I should be embarrassed after watching this show, but I’m addicted and don’t give a damn. There’s a lot of fabulous people in Atlanta, but we aren’t half as entertaining as these train-wrecks.

  2. So dude has like 5 baby mommas, he’s on drugs, broke, and now a former pimp. The only thing left is that he’s gay, Yep, that’s the only thing left for him to be. And I thought I had issues. LOL!

  3. I just want to say that Joseline and Stevies relationship is a trip it is so funny and yes she do believe in getting what she wants and thats a hoe a-s dog asss n-gga who will whoop her a-s if she is short. I have not heard of joseline til now. No songs just a reality show. WHERE ARE YOU JOSELINE??????? Otherwise they are 2 funny people who I would love to watch entertain me on TV.

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