Rasheeda Exposes K. Michelle As A Side Piece and Drags Her On Twitter

K Michelle and Rasheeda

By: Taren Vaughan

K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef going on on Twitter now? K. Michelle and Rasheeda were rumored to have gotten into a fight on the reunion show for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. K. Michelle and Rasheeda coming to blows was gossip that Rasheeda quickly shut down on Twitter after she heard the talk about K. Michelle sending her to the hospital, a rumor that Rasheeda wasn’t too happy with judging from her tweet response. K. Michelle and Rasheeda may not have gotten physical with each other on stage at the reunion show, but it looks like now these two are not too cool with each other, especially looking at the K. Michelle and Rasheeda tweets on Twitter from late last night after the show aired.

From Rasheeda’s tweets below, she is clearly taking some shots at K. Michelle and how she thinks K. has one of the worst reps in the industry:

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K Michelle Rasheeda


Peep what K. Michelle had to say. And this here is what started Rasheeda’s rant:

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K Michelle Rasheeda

A K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef may still seem so odd at this point to many Love and Hip Hop Atlanta watchers. But is it really that strange? After all, Rasheeda is very good friends with Toya Wright, the wife of Memphitz, K. Michelle’s alleged abusive ex-boyfriend. Yeah, K. Michelle and Rasheeda may not have thrown down at the reunion show but something is definitely not right between these two.


  1. I saw that preview clip of episode 9 and it looks like Rasheeda may be in the wrong. Taking Toya’s side in this is just plain wrong. It’s bad Karma.

  2. Oh come on. Grow up ladies! Rasheeda needs to respect K.’s past and K. Michelle needs to respect Rasheeda’s friendship with Toya. This is messy and it’s just sad. I feel like everyone in Atlanta is riding hard for Toya and it’s not really fair to K. Who is Toya anyway? Men do things that we wouldn’t believe before they mature all the time.

  3. Queen the real question is who is Memphitz? The problem I have is that people who are not in the industry are talking like this man is some “good guy”. Please. Memphitz is just as hood as the rest of them. And Toya likes them hood and thuggish. He’s a con-man and people who worked with him around that time know he dogged the sh-t out of K. Michelle. Him hitting her is not hard to believe considering how much of an a– I heard he is. Toya needs to shut the hell up and stay out of a situation that happened before they got together. She looks stupid.

  4. And this here folks, is what you only see in the black community. Black women taking the side of the alleged abuser. It happened with Chris Brown when there was PROOF he beat Rihanna’s a–, so I can’t say I’m surprised it’s happening when there isn’t any “proof” that Memphitz did it to K. Michelle. Only black women will ride hard for abusers. Just look at his wife and her friends and stupid fans. And how does an abused woman have proof anyway? A black eye, pictures, police report? Welp. Sorry Toya, but most abused women have neither of those things since most abusers hit in hidden places on the body, and the victims are too ashamed to take pictures and keep evidence, or too loyal to call the police. What a ghetto piece of trash. Her and her husband.

  5. Toya is making herself look very bad in all of this. And Rasheeda seems to be joining the crowd. You should never persecute the victim. I’m disappointed in Rasheeda for what she is doing and I’m not rooting for her career at this point. No I’m not Team K. Michelle, but this is way out of line.

  6. Rasheeda needs to be tweeting about that flop album she has out now. I swear I’m the only person alive who knows she has an album out. She’s clearly focused on the wrong shiat. lmao

  7. I believe K. Michelle. There’s a lot of men who beat on women. They get married all the time and try to act brand new for the first year or so. Then slowly but surely, the truth comes out. Toya will see. Anyway, I think the self respect tweet might have been for Shay.Buckeey’s w**** a–. Since I can’t recall K. Michelle sleeping with a dude on the show. She had a date but I thought they only kissed.

  8. SMH I’m sorry but Rasheeda is wrong. I get that she’s friends with Toya. But this was not fair to K. Michelle. Mind your business and don’t take sides without all knowing the whole story.

  9. Toya is just a mess I felt sorry for her at first cause she wanted to be with Lil Wayne but she shouldve closed her mouth on this one everyone knew she was unintelligent but now she just looks and sounds very stupid every woman knows not to question a woman when it comes to things like these and rasheeda stfu and worry about Kirk old broke down 5 dollar ugly several baby mammy having ugly black gay sounding a– and his wack a** management. Whop side faced a– w****

  10. K.michelle needs to respect the fact that Toya n Rasheeda are frens.. Rasheeda n K.micheel are frens as well.. They should let the pass be the pass. if he beated on her what makes u think he wnt flip out n hit on Toya.. she did best by stayin wit lil wayne all he wanted to do was screw every girl in the world, ushe has a child by him and memphiz wna half kill her.. They are all to GROWN for that they need to leave the mess alone.. I LOVE K.MICHELLE and RAsheeda.. I jus wish them the best in life..and hope the remind frens…

  11. Well most abusers dont come out soon as they are abused because they are scared and they are not in their right state of mind,..Point blank period is that rasheeda is fake and if she was a real friend of any kind she wud have understood K.’s point of view. If K did beat da shyt out of Rasheeda at the reunion its exactly wat she gets because fake people shudnt walk around claiming the name BOSS BYTCH…LEAVE DAT NAME TO THE REAL BOSSES!! Wats makes it even more sad is the fact that u have to go n blog about wat she did during the show (if its true) which makes u faker den u look because despite the fact that u two were into it she may have talked about u bt she didnt put ur business out,…FAKE BYTCH is Rasheeda’s new name. BOSS BYTCH’S STAND UP!! Na every w**** dat dont like it like a– cux it is wat it is..Kick Rocks n BOSS BYTCH COLEMAN Signing out!! \\//’s 🙂 <3 😀

  12. I Agree with u Ladii-Coleman .. Anyone that has been abused wont take pics or show that they’ve been abused especially when being abused by someone they love. They Dont Speak on It Until They’ve reached that breaking point where there fed up and in the true stage of recovery. I Used to love Rasheeda but seeing how she acted upon this situation made me have a totally different outlook on her and thats that she is fake.. Sometimes U Have to let your friend defend her own or they own grounds especially when you dnt know what you talkin about. and just cause he aint hit toya yet dnt mean he aint a abuser and How You Know He Aint Hit Toya … Toya Could Be Holdin Her Silence …. But Just Because it takes someone so long to speak doesnt mean they havent been or isnt being abused .. and this is coming from someone that has been thru k.michelle situation not with a man but wit a family member. But back to it Rasheeda mind yo business and toya handle yo own business dnt let yo friend have to defend yo grown … K.Michelle Seems as real as it gets better yet she’s the realest b**** on the show.. All dem other MF’s fake Af .. and dey never stick to they word they whole season i’ve watch K.michelle say and do exactly as she says .. All dem otha one’s havent and Rasheeda a damn cry baby cry about every f***** thing that goes down stop worryin about other s*** and handle yo own s*** widd yo old over due some off wrong turn lookin man …

  13. I just feel like K Michelle needs to do some healing an move forward in this. And she is telling her story by right she can do that. But for us to question whether he did that or not is not for us to question I mean if he beat her he lives with that not me you or his wife. If he did not beat her K Michelle needs to find some serious soul searching but at the end of the day I will not question any of this cause everything is he said he did’nt she said he did. And then other people get involve and voice their opinion like rasheeda has due to personnal friendships which does not matter her loyalty is with her friendship not the situation. Hey if happy with you Toya so be just kind of chill on the comments cause you never no it 2 sides to everything is he said she said. Plus Domestic abuse is a very sensitive subject and Resheeda be a friend to Toya not the sittuation cause now you look like the bad guy. But just be cool all ya and be happy and love the lord

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