WE tv Releases Another Look at K. Michelle & Lyrica Anderson’s ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Blowup

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

The peace between Lyrica Anderson and K. Michelle has ended.

K Michelle and Lyrica Anderson clashed on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” years ago. Back then the issue was K. Michelle asked Lyrica to be her opening act at an upcoming show. Lyrica agreed. And everything was fine until Lyrica showed up late to the performance. Lyrica didn’t think it would be a big deal if her performance didn’t start on time. In her mind, she wasn’t too late. However, K. Michelle thought it was disrespectful for Lyrica to not show up on time. So she confronted Lyrica about it. It didn’t take long for the conversation to go left.

Both women started taking shots at each other’s music careers. Lyrica shaded K. Michelle’s album sales. And K. Michelle questioned where Lyrica’s studio albums were. Eventually, things worsened. K. Michelle accused Lyrica and A1 Bentley of having a fake marriage. She then accused Lyrica of trying to sleep with Safaree Samuels.

Lyrica denied this. And at this point, both women wanted to get violent. However, security was there to keep things from turning physical. Both were restrained. K. Michelle’s issues with Lyrica then turned into issues with A1. During a conversation, they got shady. A1 accused K. Michelle of being backlisted from radio stations for explosive past behavior.

After a lot of insults and accusations were made, K. Michelle went on to make peace with Lyrica. So she was cordial with Lyrica and A1 when they all started to film the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

Interestingly enough, a major blowup takes place on the upcoming episode.

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  1. Why is MBC acting like they don’t know? WE ALL DO!! I was counting the days since they saw each other.
    Honestly I think it’s Lyrica with both Steak Sauce and K. Michelle. In some way it seems she has to prove herself bigger & better to them. So she’ll make them mad about something which is her sense of control. Like being a puppeteer just pulling their strings.
    I hope Judge Toler & Dr. Ish recognize this and pull her on it.

  2. Yeah I agree. Producers definitely knew what they were doing putting Lyrica and K in the same house.

  3. I thought it was called marriage boot camp key word marriage. As for me I trying to get some knowledge to keep my relationship together but since you got unmarried and married couples. I guess this is just a TV show like all other nothing is true to it’s showing.

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