K. Michelle Makes Up With Keyshia Cole, Amidst Beef With Toya

k michelle and keyshia cole beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle may be beefing with a whole lot of folks at the moment, but in her spare time, she seems to be squashing beef with others. Since K. Michelle’s reality television debut on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, she’s made headlines for her beef with Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, and the most recent beef with Toya Wright over K. Michelle’s ex Memphitz. While many are still speculating that K. Michelle came to blows with Rasheeda at the Reunion, she’s 5 steps away from coming to blows with Toya as well. But that hasn’t stopped K. Michelle from making amends with people she still has the greatest respect and admiration for. So it should come as no surprise that she has finally buried the hatchet with fellow R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

Last year, Keyshia Cole and K. Michelle made their “beef” public on Twitter due to some rather subliminal tweets initiated by K. Michelle. Apparently, K. got wind of some nasty things she heard Keyshia Cole was saying about her due to the comparisons everyone was making between the two:

Keyshia’s response:

I guess the fresh beef with Toya encouraged K. Michelle to squash the one she already had with Keyshia Cole that most always considered petty in the first place. K. Michelle took to her Twitter account to reveal that she had an uplifting and fulfilling conversation with Keyshia Cole and it seems like the two are finally on good terms:

keyshia and k michelle beef


Good for them.


  1. K. is messy as hell, but I love her. I think Keyshia felt intimidated and starting running her mouth. And like we all know, K. Michelle handles all of her beefs on Twitter, either subliminally or directly. Either way, it’s cool they dropped it.

  2. I didn’t know they got into it. Wow. I kind of wish K. Michelle would learn how to let stuff roll of her back though. Some things don’t require a response or a reaction. That’s just my opinion though.

  3. Oh Lord. How old is K. Michelle? In her 30s? She has to work on this temper of hers. She’s beefing with like half of the entertainment industry right now, well minus one.

  4. I can see these two budding heads. They both have that little woman syndrome thing. Short with a whole lot of mouth and attitude. It’s dope that they squashed it and what not but they’ll both just be beefing with someone else eventually. Case in point, K. Michelle current three beefs.

  5. I like KMichelle and I like Toya but real talk people need to sit down and shut the hell up if u don’t really know whats goin on. How the hell can u tell this girl to show receipts for getting her a– beat, where they do that at. Chris Brown never hit a woman before Re Re and probably never will again so u never could say oh well he didnt hit me or i dont know one of his exes he hit , so chill the f-ck out and i don’t see why she would lie on him. And you (Toya) think its funny to be beat on talking about who hasn’t abused her , thats the dumbest and goofiest sh-t that can come out of a grown women’s mouth, it’s cool to be ride or die for your man but use your fuc-ing brain and common sense. if i were k i would slap the $hit out of you and Rasheeda for them wild and comments and involving people kids. LET ME SEE A RECEIPT THEN B-TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. K.Michelle knows wats shes been through and whos done wat to her. Rasheeda and Toya need to sit they dumb as down focus on their careers and families. Rasheeda is a fake as Georgia peach and Toya doesnt follow to far behind her. i see y Tiny dont f-ck with Toya that hoe lame and dumb. K.Michelle keep doing you and stop tweeting with those dumb lifeless h-es.

  7. I can’t believe what I’m reading….so ya’ll actually dig K.Michelle huh? Am I the only one who thinks she’s a hater and made up her abuse story to throw shade at Toya And Memphitz? Ya’ll know chicks hate on their exes all the time and get jealous when their exes move on and are happy. I don’t believe K.Michelle at ALL, and I think she is mad messy and childish. Toya is suppopsed to ride for her hubby, I ride for mine it is me and him against the world-just as a marriage is supposed to be. There are many reliable sources that verify that K.Michelle is crazy and has been ran through by dudes in the industry, she seems to be just another industry h-e. Ya’ll better recognize the game!

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