K. Michelle Says She Regrets Not Knocking The Sh-t Out of Rasheeda

k michelle and rasheeda

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Rasheeda are still beefing amidst the latest episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta that featured the confrontational scene between the two after Rasheeda revealed that she doesn’t believe K’s story of Memphitz abusing her while they dated. Even since the taping of the Reunion show, the two have been taking shots at each on Twitter, and dragging each other in interviews. Rasheeda recently said that she felt like K. Michelle was a bully, and she also feels like the whole situation with K. Michelle is making her look bad. The beef between Rasheeda and K. Michelle stems for the fact that Rasheeda is very close friends with Toya and Memphitz, two people K. Michelle continues to be at odds with. Despite any of that, Rasheeda said on record that she did genuinely try to establish a friendship with K. Michelle, but she could no longer have one because K. Michelle was talking greasy behind her back after she admitted she thought K. Michelle was lying about Memphitz.

In a recent interview with our good friends over the Bitch I Said It radio show, K. Michelle spoke candidly about how she feels about Rasheeda now after watching the last episode, her ongoing beef with Tamar Braxton, how she feels about the people who don’t believe she was abused, and Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, who she was recently rumored to be dating.

Here are some of the highlights.

On her current feelings about Rasheeda and what it felt like to watch the last episode:

“I have no regrets about it. I was glad, my only regret is that I didn’t knock the sh-t out of Rasheeda.

I wish I could have had like a little more…you know I was so emotional because when it’s your life, you don’t think about it, you just act. So I wish I could have been a little more calculated, so I wasn’t so emotional that I could have just gave her a 1, 2 across her face. That’s my only regret about that scene.”

On how she feels about people who don’t believe her story:

“It really doesn’t affect me. Like recently, I haven’t really…I really don’t read my mentions anymore. So I hate to bust a lot of people’s bubbles. But I’m really handy with the block button.

I’m the underdog in this game. People have love for who they love, and they don’t want to believe it. And you know, you fall in love with somebody and you see this character, you don’t want to believe certain things. I mean, I know everybody wasn’t going to be appreciative of it, but you know, they like to say, you know ‘there’s no proof.’ Well the police were called. So they saw everything. So it was kind of like, you know people talk sh-t, and they talk the most about sh-t they don’t know nothing about.

…And it’s some girls that really are learning and really are listening to me. And that’s what the focus needs to be on.”

And on her beef with Tamar Braxton:

“I’m not going to be fighting with Tamar. She conveniently started to say something…she doesn’t even spell correctly. I couldn’t even understand what she was doing. But for her to conveniently try to beef with me at 9’oclock right after the show ends…Boo Boo, I’m not giving you any air time. And that’s it. That’s all I have to say about it. I’m not going to keep fighting with that Muppet.”

K. Michelle talks about her relationship status and Ryan Lochte, and even reveals why she hasn’t released proof that Memphitz abused her. Listen to the rest of the interview, which is posted in full below:

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  1. LMBO that was some disrespectful sh-t though. You don’t tell a victim on national tv that you don’t believe them. What was Rasheeda thinking?

  2. I don’t blame her for being angry. Rasheeda was way out of line. Why hand around her and pretend to support her if you don’t buy her story? Seems like to me Rasheeda was using K. for camera time.

    1. Why show the proof? Why do we have to keep thinking that she, like many black women that are physically abused and/or molested are lying?

  3. Honestly, K. and all who disagree with her should just stop doing interviews by now. She proved her point and she should not answer anymore questions about this. It’s getting quite foolish now.

  4. Listening to this interview now. This is the best one I’ve heard from her. I am expecting an epic response from Toya, Rasheeda and all of K. Michelle critics after this one. Oh boy!

  5. heres her air time so ppl can listen to her music tamar cant spell correctly but she cant even talk likes shes educated im from mephiz this im from mephiz that i shouldnt two piece her her violent reactions just on simple conversations is sad a grown lady with a son cant have adult conversations. I see why she got paws on her then if its true too much mouth

  6. I think K Michelle was wrong for not reporting to the police that Memphitz threaten her son f-ck love a n-gga got me f-cked up if you threaten my child so K. Michelle that was stupid on your part.

  7. Whatever your opinion maybe about a victim of domestic violence I don\’t think it\’s anyone else\’s authority to question the accusation whether they are true or false, regardless of what your own beliefs… To go on national television and call a DV victim a liar is exactly why woman and children are dying from issues like these, because of people like rasheeda who go against what they have to say and thierry story just to be called a liar, js!

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