K. Michelle’s Friend Goes Off And Calls Rasheeda A Homewrecker

rasheeda and k michelle beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Rasheeda might have started a full fledge war with their internet beef that intensified last night after Rasheeda got word of what K. Michelle said in her latest interview on the Bitch I Said It radio show. As we previously reported, Rasheeda and K. Michelle have been at odds since the end of taping, but things have gotten worse between the two since they keep taking shots at one another in their interviews. This even led some to believe the two got into a fight at the reunion, but Rasheeda denied fighting K. Michelle at the taping. Regardless, the beef between K. Michelle and Rasheeda has become pretty epic. with Memphitz’s wife Toya and even reality star Kandi Burruss getting thrown into the mix. Specifically, Toya and K. Michelle have been beefing on Twitter since K. Michelle revealed that Memphitz allegedly abused her on the first episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

In the midst of the Twitter and Instagram war that popped off last night between K. Michelle, Rasheeda, and Toya; there was even more drama popping of between some of K. Michelle’s friends and random Rasheeda supporters once they felt enough was enough. I guess one of K. Michelle’s closest friends could sit back no longer and watch K. Michelle be accused of lying and “faking” her story of being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Memphitz. She went after Rasheeda last night and dropped a major bomb about the Atlanta rapper. Turns out, she’s claiming Rasheeda pursued her husband Kirk while he was married to another woman!

She even suggested that she knows both Memphitz and K. Michelle, and even claims that she knows for a fact that he abused K. Michelle and that he hasn’t been right in the head since his father was murdered.

Peep the tweets:

rasheeda and k michelle beef

k michelle and rasheeda beef

rasheeda and k michelle beef

k michelle and rasheeda beef

Damn! Of course we don’t know how true any of this is, but we’re just in shock of how crazy this whole situation has gotten. Regardless, both sides claim they have proof that the other is lying, with Toya even suggesting last night that she is thinking about dropping some kind of audio to expose K. Michelle as a liar. Peep her tweet which eventually got deleted:

toya k michelle rasheeda beef twitter


rasheeda k michelle toya twitter beef



  1. Ha! I was waiting for someone to bring this up! I heard it not too long ago! Rasheeda needs to shut her mouth before all of her dirt comes out. She has no idea what she’s doing to her own career right now.

  2. Wow. This girl dropped a few bombs, ok! I was wondering when some of her friends were going to start speaking up. It’s about damn time! Now release the damn proof and shut them all up for good!

  3. This is ridiculous. All of these ladies need to sit down, shut up, and grow up. If no one is going to release any proof, they can’t keep doing this. I have never seen something so stupid before in my life. And meanwhile, Memphitz is as quite as a mouse. He’s not even defending his own wife or his own image. How do you let your woman fight your battles? Toya sure does know how to pick them.

  4. Wow. His Dad was murdered? Hmm…that explains a lot. When the show first started, he threw such an ugly tantrum on Twitter that it made me cringe. I could see then that he is a very angry person. It was then I realized that him hitting K. isn’t far fetched at all.

  5. SMH! I don’t put anything past Rasheeda. We all have skeletons in out closet. That’s why she needs to stop coming after K. Michelle. Now she’s going to get exposed too. Karma.

  6. I’m embarrassed for all of these women. This is immature and tacky as hell. I can see why her friend wanted to defend her, but she needs to be telling K. Michelle to stop spazzing out in her interviews. I don’t see how any of this is going to be beneficial to her career.

  7. What audio is Toya talking about? Why won’t she let her husband finally be a man and stand up for himself? He looks sooo bad right now. He’s letting all these women fight for him like he’s their pimp or something.

  8. You know, I wondered about her and Kirk. When he said he had like 5 other kids before he married Rasheeda, a red flag went up. And the icing on the cake was when Rasheeda told Deb she wasn’t a grandmother despite that, and how she only has one child. That just didn’t sound right to me, it made me think they got together on some shaky sh-t.

  9. I’m starting to think neither side has proof. They have been talking for 2 years. And no one has made any moves. And they still won’t after this. Just sayin.

  10. This is crazy. I still think Rasheeda should have just stayed out of this. Her beef with K. Michelle is getting more attention than her music is and she has a CD out now. smh

  11. I have lost all respect for Rasheeda…seriously. And that was before reading this. Her whole beef with K. Michelle just makes her look real tacky to me.

    1. I kno i remeber her saying tht Rasheeda had stole Kirk from another lady nd Rasheeda kinda brushed it off….but if Kirk really loved tht other lady then he would have still been with her!!!!!! So obviously he is with who he wants to be with !!!!!! I still <3 Rasheeda!!

  12. If K. Michelle is lying, then thats on her,The truth will eventually come out,But I doubt K. Michelle is lying becasue of her passion about the issue. Rasheeda should have stayed outta it. And \”MempHitzAWoman\” should own up to his wrong doings. As far as Toya should be concerned, you know he goes upside her head too! She just don\’t wanna admit it!!!! The beef was strictly between K & M, Toya & rasheeda need to back off. Rasheeda needs to stay focused on TYING to get help with her Music career! The Georgia Peach just turned rotten!

  13. Toya better hope k. Michelle is lyin for her sake. If he is truly crazy its only a matter of time before he blows again but because toya and people like rasheeda has spoken out so pubicly tjat this never happened even tho neither was there. Toya will never come out and admit to abuse.

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