Joseline Reveals if She’s Still Sexing Stevie J., Mimi Talks Beef With Joseline

joseline and mimi interview mona scott young

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mona Scott Young, the Executive Producer of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, may be facing a lot of intense criticism for what many label as her trainwreck reality television series, and forced to defend herself like she did against Rickey Smiley the other day; but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing the positives and growth that she feels the cast members have gotten from their stint on the show. Although the first season has ended, everyone is on pens and needles as we await the Reunion show, and there’s been much speculations on possible fights and proposals, so even now the Twitter beefs between the cast members isn’t nearly as interesting as what we think will happen on the Reunion. Regardless, Mona Scott Young has still found the time to sit down with the stars of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta to see how they feel after watching themselves go through some pretty extreme life situations on the television screen.

In these recently released interviews, Mona Scott Young sat down with Joseline and Mimi and has some pretty raw conversations on where both of these women stand with their relationships with Stevie J. Joseline also reveals why she allowed Stevie J. to be such a controlling force in her life, and even if they are still involved in a sexual relationship after the show.

Mimi’s interview was just as revealing, since Mimi answers whether or not she and Stevie J. can ever work their issues out and if he could ever change for the better. And surprisingly, she talks about if she has any beef with Joseline.

Peep the interviews below.


And Mimi:



  1. At this point, Joseline gets no sympathy from me. When Stevie J. dogs her again, she will have to look in the mirror and point at herself for her own pain he will cause.

  2. At this point, Joseline gets no sympathy from me. When Stevie J. dogs her again, she will have to look in the mirror and point at herself for her own pain he will cause.

  3. Man, Joseline is still being controlled huh? Yeah, he got her on the show but she made herself a star. I contribute her naivete to her being young. The sad thing is that she thinks she controls him too. No ma’am. LOL.

  4. I think Mimi is not as weak as she appeared. She seemed strong in the season finale dumping Stevie. I am also glad she had no regrets doing the show. She can expand her business and her brand. Her lil girl will be set because of the show.

  5. Pardon me as I get on the soapbox for a second. This right here is why some women will never get married. They waste too much time and too many years on men who have made it clear (like Stevie J.) that they do not love or respect them. Regardless, these women will stick around and won’t date other men because they think that something might change. But it never does, and 15/5/2/10/pick a number years later, they can’t see why they are still single. You can’t waste your time on men who have nothing good to offer your or your life. My days of feeling sorry for Mimi and Joseline ended a few episodes ago, once I realized that they weren’t moving on because they didn’t want to.

    1. See girl this is the damn truth! People are so quick to point figures at Mimi, but a lot of us are doing the same things (on a smaller scale maybe) and thinking it isn’t happening to us too. Women everywhere have wasted time on someone they shouldn’t have been with. Maybe she needed to see herself on TV before she got it.

  6. Stevie J. still got them both on a leash, well sort of. I want to believe Mimi is trying to smarten up, but then I’ll see pictures of her going out on dinner dates with him on the blogs. it’s just too damn confusing.

  7. These two birds need to have a seat trying to keep that diseased man. From what I know, he likes men more than women sexually. I bet he and Benzino are “special friends.”

  8. Stevie is the worst portrayal of black men on so called reality television but unfortunately he represents how many black males are.. Too bad he did not have his mother in his life to teach him how to treat women with dignity and respect. He needs to man up and grow up. He will reap what he sows some day. Then Mimi will have the last laugh. Joseline can sue for sexual harassment but the bimbo played right into Stevie’s hands an allowed herself to be treated like a slut. She said she is a woman of God? Sorry but if she is a woman of god it is because satan is called a god too. The god of this world.

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