So I Guess This Means Skateboarders Don’t Like Lil Wayne Very Much

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne might have dominated in the music industry as he has been one of the most successful rappers in the business since he first stepped on the scene with Cash Money Records. Since then, he’s managed to start his own label (Young Money) and create big superstars who have embarked on a lot of success in a short amount of time (Drake and Nicki Minaj). So when it comes to the music business, it’s clear that Lil Wayne gets it and he’s learned the ins and outs on a remarkable level. So no one can say they are surprised that he’s reached a level of boredom when it comes to his future as a rapper, nor can anyone be surprised that he just wants to try something new and pick up a new challenging hobby. And Lil Wayne’s new hobby happens to be skateboarding. Unfortunately for Weezy, he’s not very good at the sport just yet. And that’s most likely the reason he doesn’t like paps around him when he practices, and even has his bodyguards beat them up if they attempt to take photos. Recently, he even threatened to have a pap shot dead for following him around while he practiced one evening.

Well it seems like skateboarders may not be too thrilled about Lil Wayne finding a new passion with the sport. In a recent interview, up and coming rapper and long time skateboarder Hopsin went in on Weezy and revealed how the rest of the skateboarding community feels about his new passion:

Up and coming rapper Hopsin takes shots at Lil Wayne expressing that skateboarders don’t like Lil Wayne.

Over the past year or so, Lil Wayne has really hammered home the fact that he loves to skateboard. Most people could care less, but some people have taken real offense to Lil Wayne skateboarding, and one such person is Hopsin.

“Rappers skateboarding, if they’re gonna promote skateboarding they better do a trick. They better show us they can really skate. At least know how to kick flip, like a real nice legitimate kickflip. It’d be like me stepping into the NBA right now with no history doing it, then all of a sudden I’m promoting myself as an NBA player. You see me in pictures next to Kobe Bryant and Shaq. That’d make other basketball players mad like ‘Yo I’ve been grinding for a long time, and you gonna come out and you only been doing this a few months, and you can’t even do the simple things. You’re getting promoted and getting these sponsors.

Wayne skateboarders don’t like you, I’m telling you that right now. Learn, it’s cool, learn, but don’t come out with all this huge buzz about you skateboarding claiming that you’re a skateboarder because people like me get upset. Other skaters feel the same way. Only reason other skaters hang around him is because he’s Lil Wayne, but they don’t like him. I talk to other skaters, they don’t like Wayne as a skateboarder.”

Ouch. Check out the full interview below:


  1. I can’t say I blame this guy, it’s kind of how actors feel about singers getting movie roles. BUT, he sounds like a hater and a hypocrite. I mean he’s a skateboarder TRYING to become a rapper. Just sayin. lol

  2. I don’t see what’s wrong with Lil Wayne trying something new and being excited about it. Yeah, he sucks at it but who’s to say he didn’t suck at rapping in the beginning? Regardless, a person can improve and become great in anything they choose. This guy here is probably just salty and trying to get some shine off Lil Wayne’s name.

  3. It just funny to me how over the years some rappers said you were not black if you skated and my peers gave me sh-t over the years as well for being black and skateboarding. I just find it ironic how all these people are into it now wearing skater owned brands and talking about how cool it is since Wayne is skating now. I have nothing against Wayne by all means everyone should do something they want to. But at the end of the day its hilarious that now its getting popularity because of one person. I don\’t know dude it weird.

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