Rasheeda Backpeddles on the K. Michelle and Memphitz Situation

rasheeda kirk breakfast club

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The K. Michelle and Rasheeda beef has become an explosive one, with a series of shot taking interviews and those crazy Instagram and Twitter showdowns; but it has become one of the most talked about moments of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion so far. With the rumors of Rasheeda getting her ass whooped by K. Michelle still floating around on the blogs and credited to “heavy editing,” those in attendance confirm that what we saw happened on the show is exactly what went down between those two. Regardless, Rasheeda is still being asked about what happened when the cameras were cut off and how she really feels about K.Michelle post the Reunion.

And although her marriage to Kirk Frost was supposed to be her storyline, most people are only talking about Rasheeda when it comes to her current beef with K. Michelle.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Rasheeda gets candid about where she stands on her beef with K. Michelle, what happened with K. Michelle and Memphitz, and if she regrets how she handled that whole situation with Deb Antney. Kirk was also there of course, and he spoke on those pesky gay rumors and on who really wears the pants in their marriage.

Peep the interview below, but from what I’ve gathered from the video, Rasheeda has once again changed her position on the Memphitz and K. Michelle situation. Now she’s basically back to saying no one knows what happened between those two, but them. That’s interesting, considering she flat out told K. Michelle on the Reunion show that she was lying about it.

Anyway, check out the interview below and tell us if you’ve walked away with a different opinion.


  1. Oh. Ok. So I guess after everyone dragged her a– on Twitter, she gets it now. This woman is so fake, it’s annoying.

  2. So she magically changes her stance again after so many people called her out for it. Real convenient Rasheeda.

  3. But this is what everyone was trying to tell her a few weeks ago. I’m convinced there was some truth to what K. said. Rasheeda was putting on act for those cameras on the show and at the Reunion because she wasn’t sure if she’d have a spot next season otherwise.

  4. I don’t think it’s much Kirk can say for people not to think he’s a wimp at this point. And Rasheeda has made herself look ridiculous on this show. All money ain’t good money.

  5. And the first thing they ask her about it who? K. Michelle. And she’ll get a record deal very soon with a MAJOR label. Rasheeda, you lose.

  6. This whole situation has gotten old. Yeah, no one will ever know what really happened except Memph and K., but hell, Rasheeda and Toya were posing like they had the damn inside scoop and the truth engraved on their bodies. And yet, no one has released any proof and that audio is where exactly? She should have stayed out of it, because she lost a lot of support for this.

  7. I’ve been over her since that whole “nappy hair h-e” comment. Typical light skin racist chick. I’m good.

  8. LMAO she definitely said something different on the reunion. I think the backlash has her taking things back now. They don’t need to bring her or Kirk back next season. They’re boring without the K. Michelle subplot.

  9. This interview just confirms that Rasheeda is nothing more than a desperate grandma looking to keep her 15 minutes going.

  10. I never really believed Rasheeda’s excuse to go in on K. Michelle because she has mot known Toya and Memphitz for years like she says. hell, he’s only being married to Toya for one year! And they didn’t date that long either! And Toya hasn’t lived in Atl that long. She’s exaggerating and just leaching on anyone she can for some relevance. She’s so pathetic to me.

  11. Rasheeda made herself look so bad at the Reunion. As annoying and childish as K. Michelle can be (IMO), K. still not got out of her seat or acted violent. Rasheeda did. And I agree, her comment about nappy hair was totally immature and embarrassing. And even in this interview here, she’s still acting like fighting at her age is cute. She’s ghetto and a joke, and I’m embarrassed for her each time she talks about it.

  12. She’s a married woman, with step children, and grand children. And she still refers to herself as a bad b-tch. I can’t.

    1. omg yeees yo i was thinkin the same like how old are you? i hope her and krik don\’t get a spin off and i feel sorry for him cuz he all lost sometimes i think he really wanna leave but he hoping she\’ll get more play than the back of youtube

  13. Ya all grown…It\’s over, OTH: If rasheeda was ever a friend…Wow, being friends on both ends is never good, thats y its called neutral…cuz there is always his side, her side, and the truth…Only those 2 actually kno wat it was.

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