Gossip: Lil Wayne Doesn’t Think K. Michelle’s Lying About Memphitz

By: Taren Vaughan

K. Michelle’s story of her abusive ex-boyfriend, who is allegedly Memphitz, Toya Wright’s husband, is one that she continues to tell. While there are many people who have shown their support to her, there were also those who felt that she was not being truthful about what happened between her and Memphitz. One of those non-believers being Toya as she continued to shade K. Michelle and question K.’s claims about her husband, and even said that she needed proof to prove that any physical abuse took place. Rasheeda even began to question K. and called her a straight up liar on stage during part 1 of the reunion show, a statement that Rasheeda later tried to clear up during a recent interview that she did. Despite what people have had to say about her, K. Michelle has stuck to her story and has even offered her thoughts as to why Memphitz will never abuse Toya like she says he did her. And her answer in two words, Lil Wayne.

Toya may still have a hard time believing K. Michelle’s story. But her ex-husband Lil’ Wayne may just be one of those who finds truth in what K. is claiming, so much truth that Wayne is willing to come out of his pockets and pay people thousands of dollars to keep a close watch over Toya and their daughter Reginae.

A source revealed to Gossip Extra that Lil’ Wayne is doing everything that he can to make sure that Toya and Reginae are out of harms way at all times, his attempt includes paying bodyguards $10,000 a month to look after his ex-wife and daughter. And according to the source, Lil’ Wayne really wants to be sure that nothing will happen to Toya and Reginae:

 “You bet that Lil Wayne is concerned,”

“He mostly wants to make sure their daughter never gets caught in the middle of anything.”

Some people might still be questioning the truth behind K. Michelle’s allegations. But it sounds like Lil’ Wayne may not need any proof at all.


  1. Of course he doesn’t trust Memphitz. Most people in the business don’t. He’s smart and peeped Memphitz’s true character a while ago. Toya is naive and everyone, including her brothers know it too. And where’s that “evidence” Toya was going to release? That’s what I thought.

  2. When Memphitz tweeted K. Michelle and told her he “made” her, that was all I needed for proof. He went at her like an abuser on Twitter and Instagram. And now he’s manipulated and encouraged Rasheeda and his wife to finish the job. It’s sad that Rasheeda and Toya are too stupid to see what’s going on.

    1. “He went at her like an abuser on Twitter and Instagram. And now he’s manipulated and encouraged Rasheeda and his wife to finish the job. It’s sad that Rasheeda and Toya are too stupid to see what’s going on.” <<< You and me are HERE.

  3. Smartest thing Lil Wayne could have ever done. I wouldn’t trust Memphitz either. Something about him before this was shady to me.

  4. I’d do it too if a man was accused of hitting his ex girlfriend. But Memphitz tells on himself in all of his interviews about this. He said he sent K. Michelle to her hotel room and he made her. :-/. Something is really wrong with that.

  5. Can anyone blame Weezy though if this is true? Domestic abuse is a serious allegation, and it’s not like Memphitz has done a good job proving the claims to be false.

  6. And despite this, Toya is still trying to convince herself that it isn’t true, since he’s never hit her before. SMH.

  7. Memphitz ain’t touching Toya period. He know what’s up. And it’s sad that Toya’s ex husband has more sense than she does about the whole situation. And I still think Memphitz is only with her because she still gets Wayne’s money. He seems like a scrub. I remember when they posted that email of his where he was begging some music executives to give him K. Michelle’s budget money to pay off Toya’s ring. That was before people even knew who K. Michelle was. This story is not new, very old, and K. Michele’s side of it hasn’t changed once.

  8. Lil Wayne doesn’t pay about any of his women. He seems like the type of guy that never really closes the door to his past relationships. That’s why he had 2 exes pregnant at the same time. So this is very plausible. The feelings are probably still there.

  9. When a women is in love she is blind.Toya is afraid to become exposed.I believe that her daughter is telling the truth.Memp(hit)ze look like a control freak.Memp(hit)ze need to keep his hand to hisself.Toya you better wake up some man will lie right in your face.Lil wanye is doing the right thing.I would place cameras around the house.(IJS)…….


  11. I am totally with Wayne about making sure his daughter is ok around Memphitz. I have only seen Memphitz on her show Family Affair when she was dating him and was not that empressed. He did not strike me as an executive from Jive Records. He just seemed like a boyfriend that claimed to be in love and using her to become famous again. I like K Michelle from Love and Hiphop and as an artist, but I try to be objective and look at the other side first before judging as I will continue to do so cus I WAS NOT THERE WHEN THE INCIDENT HAPPENED. I have not heard his interviewed but have heard other DJ’s from Radio tell his side and her side. The Radio DJ’s say according to Memphitz, something did take place, that he may have been trying to defend himself and it went left, like he might have been trying to keep her from screaming, (as when she stated he put a sheet over her face) but the DJ’s was saying whatever to place K Michelle could have took it as Abuse when he was thinking differently and the police was called. She did not file charges but that does not mean no abuse happened. I intend to read up and listen to everything, even what I hear and see now from both parties, but when K says Jive knows and she got Text mgs. I would have to think someone from Jive knows about everything that went down or believed K Michelle and that does not make Memphitz look good. When a record label that hired you dont back you up and believes an artist against you. Then theres the comment he made saying ” I made you” and someone said on an earlier comment that he ” sent her to her room”. First think I hear is CONTROLLING –A PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP.

    Just saw today a video of Toya and Memphitz Crazy In Love Reality Show that they are supposed to be getting, and here we go again with this Controlling Tone talking down to Toya. It is the tone that he is revealing. Toya was talking about their strong loving relationship and how he says she is like Johnny Gill then he starts singing “My My My” , meaning when they got married she says My this and My that instead of Our this and Our that. — He made statemts. in the video about “I got to lay down the law, put my foot down. Toya says she is used to it being her and her daughter so she is still adjusting to being married. He said she knows and understands that she is independent so he has to treat her differently cus she dont really need him (financially) She says she is author of a book and has two stores business woman, wife and mother. He just clamis to be record executive but I have never heard of him ; but will reasearch for artist that he is working with right now! Post K. Michelle and JIve! Anyway the video continues with his feet up on their coffee table and toya is trying to get him to take his feet down trying to physically move his feet and he says “you dont even care about that” and she says “yes I do, yes I do. He says “No you dont, Stop It, Stop It, Stop It Loudly while slapping his leg! (as if to say Enuf!) He was loud and Reginae was sitting on the other side of Memphitz and he looked at Reginae and the daughter just roled her eyes smiled and looked away like she couldnt believe the two of them. — Time and time again he talks over her in this video and it seems what he says goes. Hate to point out the video but the theme is Controlling. Both were sitting in an office and he was interviewing for an assistant, he makes the statement ” Im gonna make the final deceision cus its MY COMPANY. She had a look on her face with disappointment cus she did not want any “cute stripper looking women” working for him. So she cant say My but he gets to say My. I thought they were married and everything was Ours. Finally they are talking about having another child well Toya is talking about and he goes ” when did you ask me if I wanted to have a child” he kept repeated it until she point blank him? previously he did say he had a vesectomy which was I think he said 5 yrs. old and that he could reverse it when ready. She said she was ready, but he seemed adament about not having any kids i guess until he was ready which is a good thing, especially for her but the whole video just made him look so Controlling and at the end of it, so far I still believe K cus it was his demeanor that strikes me as someone that could abuse the way he talked to Toya. I normally give people the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty but everytime he opens his mouth Im hearing and seeing GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY. It is what Im seeing and hearing right now! May 2013! not yrs. ago cus again I was not there. Today my heart tells me K Michelle is telling the truth! Lil Wayne no matter what Toya say or do Protect your daughter. Toya is married now and her allegiance is with her husband but Reginae is not married to him. That is your child man! Do what you have to do. She will be 18 soon but stay close to her so she will let you know whats up!

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