Mimi Plays Herself Again, LHHATL Reunion Part 2 Sneak Peek Released

mimi stevie j reunion

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust is probably getting the least love when it comes to the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta cast. And that’s simply due to her history with obvious industry womanizer Stevie J., who has cheated on Mimi on a grand scale, and even gotten his own artist Joseline Hernandez pregnant. Throughout the season, despite all of that, we’ve seen Mimi try repeatedly to make the relationship work, and time and time again, we’ve seen Stevie J. continue to plot obvious ways of keeping both women in his life. But there did appear to be hope for Mimi on the season finale, as we watched her pack up her bags and tell Stevie J. that she had finally had enough. Unfortunately, it was clear though from the many photo ops that Mimi was still seeing Stevie J. to some extent, as she was even caught on camera having dinner with him recently. Many are confused as to why she keeps hanging around, especially since Stevie J. admitted recently that he wouldn’t if the tables were turned.

And on the first part of the Reunion show, it was clear by some of her answers that Mimi still wants to work things out with Stevie J. despite Joseline’s pregnancy, and Stevie J.’s obvious disrespect he’s shown to her throughout the season. And apparently people’s criticisms and disgust of her inability to move on is starting to get to Mimi because she had an epic meltdown and Youtube rant the other day, as she decided to address her “haters” in a tirade that was laced with so much profanity, many started to wonder if she was intoxicated or on some kind of drug.

But in a new clip, which has been labeled as a sneak peek of part two of the Reunion, it appears that Mimi shows her true feelings about Joseline and Stevie J’s relationship. In one part of the clip, it seems as if Mimi is jealous that Joseline was able to get more out of Stevie J. in 6 months, than she had ever gotten from him in 15 years. In particular, it seems like Mimi is jealous that Joseline is the bigger star of the show, and she’s mad that Joseline’s career has taken off faster than hers. She also ends up getting into a pretty big argument with Joseline, and it gets pretty heated when Joseline exposes Mimi’s weakness and lack of spine when it comes to Stevie J.

To sum it all up, Mimi ends up playing herself, again by some of the things she says in this segment.

Check out the clip below:


  1. MiMi has hurt written all over her face but I dont blame Stevie anymore, I blame her. No, Im not judging but at some point when are you gonna say “enough is enough” she lashing out at Joseline but she shouldnt be the one you mad at.

    1. Joseline doesn’t get a damn thing. She’s a fool too. I wish people wouldn’t put her weak a– on a pedestal either.

  2. Never thought I’d see the day when Mimi became more delusional than Joseline. She sounds really hurt and bitter in this clip. I couldn’t do anything but shake my head when she asked Joseline what Stevie had done for her in those 15 years she’s been dealing with him.

  3. Sorry. I stopped feeling sorry for Mimi on the first part. And yeah, he’s done more for Joseline than her because Joseline had more demands. Either way, they both lose in the grand scheme of things.

  4. Sounds like Mimi is more upset about the fact that Stevie J. didn’t put her on like he did Joseline. So was she really hanging around for 15 years because she was trying to get put on, or because she really loved him. Hmm….

  5. Mimi and Joseline are one in the same. The only difference is one is more clear about that then the other. If Mimi was loose with it like they say, and messing with married dudes, then there’s not that much of a difference between her and Joseline. She seems to have a desire to only mess with famous dudes, so the possibility of her being jealous of Joseline’s “success: is totally possible.

  6. I think Joseline is fronting. As many times as she’s cried over this man on TV, I doubt she really feels nothing romantic for him anymore. Plus, I never really believed in women who can sleep around and not catching feelings. That’s just not a part of our DNA.

  7. Both of these chicks are bums. If Stevie J. wasn’t in the industry, they wouldn’t give him the time of day. I feel sorry for neither one of them. The only thing I can give Joseline credit for is for her being real about that.

  8. This show demonstrates how naive women can be in relationships. Mimi should have gotten the hell on a long time ago, and Joseline isn’t any smarter. They both would have moved on and got a real man a long time ago if either one of them had any sense. Don’t praise these dummies.

  9. I do agree with the comment Joseline is putting up a front with all the fighting and crying and all. But the clip with her parents saddens me. Here your daughter runs away and you let her back in the house for some money. It doesn\’t matter if it was pocket change ..hell she took it. You can tell her mom is rotten to the core.

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