So I Guess K. Michelle Isn’t Worried About That Lawsuit Memphitz Filed

k michelle and memphitz sues

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta may have wrapped up, but it appears that the drama is far from over with the cast members and their story lines. K. Michelle came busting on the reality television scene with an explosive revelation of a past abusive relationship with a music executive that ended with her career hanging by a thread. One of the most shocking allegations K. Michelle made is that Memphitz abused her and then used her budget money to pay for Toya’s engagement ring. And ever since K. Michelle went public about the relationship and the allegations on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, she’s been going back and forth with Toya on Twitter, beefing with Toya’s friends, Rasheeda, and even igniting more public humiliation at the hands of Memphitz on his Instagram account.

And as we reported not too long ago, just one day after the reunion show, Memphitz’s handlers have confirmed that he has filed suit against VH1 and the creators of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Monami Entertaniment, LLC.

Although Mona Scott Young has yet to respond to the suit that was reportedly filed today, it appears that not only did K. Michelle confirm it, but it appears that she isn’t concerned. And rumor has it, Mona isn’t either. And this is why many are saying this is most likely nothing but a PR move for Memphitz to at least appear to be fighting against the allegations made against him.

I guess that makes sense as most people have stated that Memphitz may not have a case because K. Michelle never mentioned him by name on the show or even in her interviews.

Regardless, here was K Michelle’s tweet and perhaps response to the suit:

k michelle and memphitz sues

We’ll just have to see how this all plays out.


  1. Neither one of them have a thing to worry about. Memphitz doesn’t have a case. His name was never mentioned. And those lawyers at VH1 are gutter and will mop the floor with him and his lawyer. He’s wasting his time.

  2. I just want K. Michelle to release those text messages and shut people up. Prove that what you’re saying is true. If he’s suing you and sicing his wife and her ghetto friends on you, why not give them what they want…proof?

  3. He has no case. And Mona ain’t no dummy. She made sure she had all her bases covered before she signed K. Michelle on for the show. What people don’t know is that Mona has been trying to put K. Michelle on TV for a good minute. She wouldn’t have wanted her if the story didn’t check out. Mona knows people and had her ducks in a row. Memphitz is doing this to try to clean up his image. Too late.

  4. K. Michelle is lying, He may She should give Toya and Memph a cut of her checks for giving her something to talk about on the show. It’s not like she has a real career anyway. And she won’t now either.

  5. I just wish the situation would have been handled differently. Toya, Rasheeda, Memphitz, etc. acted like children about all of this. And I feel like it only made matters worse. All the twitter beefs and bullying were unnecessary, and if K. Michelle is really a victim, she needs counseling. She’s obviously still hurting from everything that happened. That is why she lashes out and acts the way she does now.

    1. Anyone as you say \”with sense\” wouldn\’t have an opinion simply based off the fact that none of us actually know these people.

  6. He doesn\’t have a case. He was the one that came out on twitter after the first episode claiming what he did for her. First nobody mention his name, he choose to put himself out their. Toya is a sad case but at the same time she know not to piss him off

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