Gossip: Is Mariah Carey Cheating on Nick Cannon?

mariah carey cheating on nick cannon

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Mariah Carey cheating on Nick Cannon? Some say the two lovebirds are at a pretty rough patch in their marriage. And now, allegedly cheating could be involved.  Although Mariah and Nick are new parents to twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott, some speculate that Nick isn’t too happy with recent career changes and Mariah’s refusal to stick to the stay at home gig. Recently, it was rumored that Nick and Mariah were at odds about her new gig on American Idol, but now there is speculation that Mariah Carey is cheating on Nick Cannon. And the rumors have already had her linked to popular DJs, and now a longtime friend who happens to be a rock star with a terrible reputation of being a ladies man.

Here’s the first report that linked Mariah Carey to DJ Suss One. This person claims they saw Mariah flirting all night with a man, and from the looks of things, she was acting very single:

I was with my girls the other night at 1Oak and we saw Mariah Carey over there around midnight. She looked like she was having the time of her life and was rocking stunner shades inside the club. You wouldn’t have even known she was married, looking like she was single and ready to mingle!

The whole night she was all over and flirting with some random dude. All my girls and I could think about while all this was going on was is Mariah really sneaking around behind Nick Cannon’s back.

Apparently, this person is referring to Mariah’s recent outing at the 1Oak club in late August. Per her Twitter account, she was there celebrating the anniversary of a close friend, DJ Suss One. This could have been innocent, although others there that night don’t think so. Regardless, Mariah tweeted a picture of her and said DJ, and acted like it was innocent. So it might have been. Here’s the picture and tweets:

mariah carey cheating on nick cannon

Mariah Carey: “Celebrating my friend’s anniversary! Le’chaim shout out to Israel 8.12! #Triumhant”

DJ Suss One: “Me & my great friend Mariah Carey hangin’ out at 1 Oak just now!! That’s my family for life!!”

Source: Mariah Carey & DJ Suss One via Twitter


And in Mariah’s defense, the guy refers to her as family. So maybe it was innocent.

So Mariah may not be having a fling with a DJ, but there are rumors that she’s creeping with a rock star. And what rock star you ask? None other than Lenny Kravitz himself. Here’s the report:

According to the National Enquirer, Nick Cannon is extremely jealous about his wife’s relationship with singer Lenny Kravitz, and things came to a head when Mariah posted a photo of her and Lenny on her Twitter page. Along with the photo, Mariah urged her fans to reach out to the producers of “Idol” to get Lenny hired.

Mariah told Nick to relax because Lenny probably wouldn’t even consider doing the show,” said the source. But Nick told her,”That’s not the point! I know how you feel about him!”

Another source has confirmed that Mariah and Lenny have had a crush on each other for a few years, but would never act on their emotions. Nick Cannon is allegedly not taking any chances, and has allegedly ordered his wife to stay away form Lenny.

Again, this is just gossip, so we’re not sure how true it is. But we do find it interesting that she’s being romantically linked to Lenny Kravitz, the same singer they say she dissed Nicki Minaj for publicly about that whole American Idol fiasco.


  1. Mariah is a big flirt! You can tell by her old music videos that she loves to flirt and has no desire to hide it. I don’t think she’s really cheating on Nick though, but maybe acting inappropriate for a married woman.

  2. Hmm…Nick is a pushover and Mariah is probably bored. I wouldn’t put it past her to cheat. Especially with Lenny. He’s sexy AF.

  3. Man I hope this isn’t true. They are so cute together. But I’m trying to understand why a married man is hugging all over another man in public. Flirt or not, she shouldn’t be doing that. Very disrespectful

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