Fastasia’s Baby Daddy Sets Her Up to Officially Get Sued By His Estranged Wife

fantasia baby daddy

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fantasia’s baby daddy Antwaun Cook has kept Fantasia in the media on a negative level since it was revealed that the singer was involved in an affair with the married T-Mobile salesman. Although Fantasia claimed that she was told by Cook that he and wife were legally separated at the time, it was revealed by her baby daddy’s wife that two had not separated. As a result, the public backlash from her supporters and the media became so intense that Fantasia attempted to take her own life. After a failed attempt to commit suicide by pill ingestion, Fantasia was left to battle the negative press, as Antwaun was caught going back and fourth between both women. Eventually, Fantasia ended up pregnant with her second child and first child with Antwaun Cook, and after having the baby, many began to speculate that Antwaun had left her. This might have been confirmed when he was spotted getting cozy with one of those Bad Girls Club chicks. Fantasia’s baby daddy was then blamed with what some labeled as Fantasia’s depression, as a result of some of her rather interesting behavior on stage. When she began to gain weight, some said she was pregnant by Antwaun again. Not too long after, Fantasia dismissed the reports of her being pregnant again and even hinted that she and Antwaun had called it quits.

Throughout all the drama, it was speculated that Antwaun’s wife would try to sue Fantasia for adultery since she is a resident of the state of North Carolina, and Fantasia was full aware that Antwaun was married. Talks of that possibility began to quiet once it became difficult for Cook’s wife to prove that Fantasia purposely got involved with a married man.

Welp, it looks like Fantasia’s baby daddy Antwaun just made it easier for his estranged wife to sue the singer. In some court documents recently obtained by the media, Antwaun signs and therefore confirms on documents that state that he got involved with Fantasia while he was married.

Here’s the report:

Fantasia Barrino has long maintained that her baby daddy Antwaun Cook had split from his wife by the time they started dating, but new court documents obtained exclusively by prove otherwise.

Antwaun’s estranged wife, Paula Cook, filed court documents in August 2010 claiming her husband began a “covert adulterous affair” with Fantasia in August 2009 — a claim which both Antwaun and Fantasia vehemently denied.

Photos first emerged of Fantasia and Antwaun getting hot and heavy in the Barbados in January, 2010, which is a full six months before he admitted the separation with his wife in court documents filed in North Carolina.

“The parties consent and agree that Palintiff [Paula] and Defendant [Antwaun] are husband and wife having been lawfully married to each other on October 1, 2005 and separated on June 16, 2010,” the docs state.

By consenting to the date of separation being June 2010, Antwaun is admitting that he cheated on his wife with Fantasia.

During the earlier court proceedings, Fantasia, 28, was forced to admit private details about her relationship with Antwaun, including an abortion around the same time as her failed suicide attempt before they got pregnant again and had a baby boy last December.

Given Antwaun’s admission of adultery, if his estranged wife desired to do so she would now legally sue Fantasia for Alienation of Affection, which is a North Carolina law in which one can sue the third party who “alienates” the affections of one spouse from the other spouse.


  1. This had to be one of the dumbest things Fannie could ever do. I really hate that for her. But you live and you learn and I bet she knows better know. Or at least I hope so.

  2. I get why she’s going after Fantasia but um, can’t she sue her husband too? Fool willingly decided he wanted to cheat with Fantasia. Let’s not be partial in the legal a– kickings now.

  3. Women need to learn that no married man is worth creeping with. If a man shows you he’s married, he’s not available no matter how unhappy he claims to be. This man is absolute trash. He cheated on his wife with Fannie, and them left her for another chick after she had his baby. What a douche.

  4. Common sense: If a man will cheat on his wife for you, he’s basically telling you in a rather obvious way that HE AIN’T SH-T. Smarten up ladies. SMH!

  5. Fantasia’s grown a- couldn’t even read a book until last year, are people really shocked she mess around with a married Tmobile salesman? Come on.

    1. That’s w I’m saying, he should have been sued too. It takes2 not 1, that was a set up for real . That woman tried to commit suicide, that h<rt may heart for her. I'm glad she left NC.

  6. I guess I’ll be the thug on here and just say the whole damn truth. Rag on Fannie all you want, but the wife is just as stupid. How the hell do you still sleep with the man who went out and got another chick pregnant despite being married to you? Antwaun is a damn pimp, and he’s Stevie J’in basic b-tches like it’s going out of style. That little sorority harlot from Bad Girls Club is his next victim. Dummy.

  7. I got $5 on it that his wife won’t sue because she’s still getting d-cked down by Antwaun. Weak women don’t know how to move on, even when everyone else can see how gullible they are. Fantasia has absolutely nothing to worry about.

  8. I don’t see how women have the guts to mess with married men though. Like how do they even sleep at night knowing what they are doing to another woman?

    1. Because they are lonely and the sex is good. Throw a little low self esteem in there and they’ll be sleeping with husbands like it’s no other kind of man out there to sleep with.




  10. Its not fantasia fault he said he was seperated but if his retarded azz wife was doing her job it wouldn’t be no fantasia so leave fanny alone and let her do her!!!

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