Fantasia Barrino Responds to All Lives Matter Backlash

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fantasia Barrino became the target of backlash after it was revealed that she would be performing at a #AllLivesMatter concert.

But the R&B singer decided to defend her choice recently on social media.

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  1. They sound ignorant. It’s sad black people not only have to explain what Black Lives Matter means to ignorant whites but our own people too. It’s exhausting. Now I don’t feel bad about her flopping.

  2. Nah Tasia, I already told your a-s this morning that I would cease to be a fan if this was true. Anthony I can deal with cause he straight up said the flyer went out without his approval and he’s got 6 black kids, so for him it’s all about BLM. But you can take your non-spelling a-s and your bi-racial family members and go sit the fk down somewhere.

  3. I’m not surprised she doesn’t understand BLM. She’s always been very talented but she was never the sharpest tool.

  4. She’s always been “special” LOL. Anyway, a lot of African Americans have some mixing down the family line and interracial relationships do exist and have for a very long time. That doesn’t give her a pass to be ignorant about what #BlackLivesMatter is about. All we’re saying is Black Lives Matter too, not that Black Lives Matter only. My goodness she’s remedial. I still love her though. I just won’t be giving her my coins ever again.

  5. What does having biracial relatives have to do with Black Lives Matter? I mean that should be even more reason for her to understand what the movement is about. Her biracial relatives will not benefit from white privilege and they could become victims of police brutality too. A biracial looking teenage girl got pepper sprayed and man handled by the police recently when she was the one who was hit by a car. I mean come on Fanny. Don’t be stupid.

  6. Meh, she’s being too arrogant and prideful here. She simply should have said she didn’t have control over the flyer or name of the show and she supports #BlackLivesMatter and been done with it. There was no need to try to shame black people for being upset about a hashtag that was created to shut us up (#AllLivesMatter) and downplay the real movement (#BlackLivesMatter) because she was called out. And why do black artists want white approval so bad? Sure, you saw some white faces in the audience but why aren’t you selling like Adele? Black fans are the bulk of your support. So be respectable and not patronizing.

  7. Common sense be damned with these two. It’s like they have been sleeping under a huge rock for the last couple of years. How many times do we have to explain that Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean no other race matters? What the hell is going on in North Carolina? Between the cops there, Cam’s nonsense and now this, Carolina is looking real crazy right now.

  8. She can sit down and shut the f-ck up with the rest of these ignorant All Lives Matter f-cks. She’s another one that feels special because a small segment of white folks know she exists. Yet she still flops and has to perform every damn week so she won’t lose this new husband. And just from what he said, he ain’t sh-t either.

  9. They are foolish and so wrong. But if her black fans moved on and stopped supporting her, she’d complain about that too.

  10. Totally off topic, but I guess ol girl forgot all the backlash she received when she won AI and was dragged for being a teen mom, while just a few years later Brittany Spear’s little sister had a baby at 16 and made the front page of People magazine. Alot of famous Blacks tend to have very selective memory and they seem to be lost to the fact that they need Black support cause no one else is going to stand or check for them. But go head and burn bridges girl. Do you. Smh.

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