Amid All Lives Matter Backlash, Fantasia Barrino Apologizes

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Fantasia Barrino became the target of backlash after she defended signing up to perform at an All Lives Matter concert, and she claimed in a video that Black Lives Matter is a movement that excludes other races.

Now the R&B singer is apologizing for her comments.

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  1. I’m sure her diehard black fans will keep supporting her but I’m done. It’s too serious out here for black lives for me to financially support anyone who doesn’t give a damn about us or anyone who can’t even just say Black Lives Matter. And the fact that she not only doesn’t understand the movement, but bashed black people in the next breath is why I’m over her. I wish her the best but I’m going to ignore her from here on out.

    1. Exactly! I promptly unfollowed her on instagram. She proved to me who she was the first time, an apology won’t change that.

  2. I doubt this is from the heart. She was very open about how she feels. And if that’s how she feels, that’s how she feels. I don’t need an apology from people when they let me know where they stand on these kind of issues. The honesty makes it easy for me cross people out and keep it moving.

  3. I’m assuming her publicist told her to apologize. What she said in those videos is how she really feels. She needs to educate herself on #BLM immediately.

  4. Someone must have told her to apologize, I don’t believe this is sincere. She already exposed her ignorance when let us know how she felt the first time. Too little too late.

  5. I think some people try to get everyone to get along, the so called peace makers but if thats how you feel so be it. I dnt think she meant to offend anyone but since its out there own it. It’s soo annoying that people say one thing online and either delete or try to save face

  6. She really can sit down in a corner. She sounded exactly like an ignorant and privileged white person repeating the same tired rhetoric they push on Fox News. And she topped it off putting down black people for checking her ignorance on the subject. No one is hating on her or being a crab in a barrel. Back folks are sick and tired of the BS and we are not going to support anyone who won’t support us anymore. She will no longer get a dime out of me.

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