So I Guess K. Michelle Isn’t ‘Crazy’ Enough to Not Pull NBA Players

jr smith and k michelle dating

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are K. Michelle and J.R. Smith dating? That would be a very interesting possibility, considering that K., Michelle has been rumored to not be the most datable woman in the industry since her whole situation with Memphitz has been used by her critics to try to paint her as a crazy woman. But despite that, she was able to date Olympian Swimmer Ryan Lochte for a short time. Despite her past relationship with Lochte, she hasn’t really been in a serious relationship since then. And her first season on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta hasn’t necessarily always shown K. Michelle in the best light. From her many arguments with co-star Karlie Redd and that infamous showdown on Twitter and Instagram between her and Rasheeda; it’s clear many were beginning to feel like K. Michelle would have a hard time dating post the foolishness that we’ve come to love from her and the rest of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta crew.

Well it looks like K. Michelle will be just fine in the romance department.

According to the latest gossip, J.R. Smith, a NBA player (New York Knicks), has shown some interest in the reality television star and R&B singer. Apparently, the two met a few days ago at one of K. Michelle’s performances in New York, and the two seem to have been flirting since.

K. Michelle even took to her Twitter account to flirt with JR Smith the other day as well:

k michelle jr smith

k michelle dating jr smith

jr smith and k michelle

Now maybe these two are just flirting and even just friends, but we do know that J.R. Smith has a nasty reputation for being a ladies man. They say he loves to love em and leave em. And apparently, his favorite women of choice are those with big a–ses. We really hope that if these two are thinking about dating, that he doesn’t dog her like the many other women we’ve heard he mistreated.


  1. Yeah…I wouldn’t trust this dude if he has that kind of rep for being a dog to women. I really think she still has bad taste in men.

  2. I really hope she doesn’t even go there with this dude. I heard he’s a major tramp too. Just because a guy plays for the NBA, it doesn’t mean he’s an upgrade.

  3. I’m pretty sure he’s only interested because of that booty she paid for. This woman has absolutely zero sense when it comes to dating. Memphitz, Ryan Lochte, all these guys are proof of that. And Toya seeing a gem in Memphitz says a lot about the state of dating for most black women. Just sad.

    1. I agree with this comment! Nowadays, women are more concerned with their butts then what kind of men they are attracting. But with that attention comes the wrong kind of men. She will remain single until she gets it.

  4. J.R. is just that typical baller that just fu*ks and leaves. He ain\’t wifin\’ up K. Michelle. In fact, he has a steady gf that he cheats on constantly.

  5. There is nothing more going on here but friendly flirting. Before I believe they are together, I need to see some PM’s.

    1. The only women I know he is connected or has been connected to are some model chick with a bunch of tattoos and Tahiry who is Joe Budden’s ex.

  6. How is K.Michelle considered so undateable when athletes and entertainers snatch up chicks that have no talent to speak of which K. has, she is no crazier than the average person populating the planet. Anyways in NYC where I live this JR Smith dude rep is he does these groupies and golddiggers, his own twitter exposes that. I say K it at flirting and leave it there. On the plus side I will say at least JR is expressing his affection,lust whatever you wanna call it for K unlike Ryan Lochte Mr I\’m Down for the Brown, til people find out about it then it code red every spazz out mode. I heard K killed her sold out shows here in the city, focus on your career and child and leave the kiddy boys to play in their sandbox

  7. I think this has gone beyond flirting. He did an interview with page31 (that has now been deleted) saying she was his baby and he wants it to turn into something more and hope she does too. She also went to NY yesterday to visit him (in the words of k…”my boo”). I love K and def don’t want to see her hurt and disappointed by yet another man. He seems like the “typical” bball player to me but she could be the one to make him truly settle down. I think its moving really fast but I love love so I say go for it. They seem to complement each other personality wise. From reading tweets, it seems as if their mutual friends are encourage this situation as well. You never know if you have found the one if you don’t put yourself out there. I’m sure we will see all about this on the next season of l&hha.

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