K. Michelle’s Romance With J.R. Smith Might Have Fizzled Out Already

jr smith and k michelle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and J.R. Smith are rumored to be dating and getting to know one another romantically. As we recently reported, the two met in New York not too long ago at one of K. Michelle’s performances, and they have been spending time together and getting flirty on Twitter ever since. Although most of K. Michelle’s supporters are just happy that K. Michelle is putting herself back out there and taking another stab at the dating world, there are some who aren’t too thrilled that K. Michelle has gotten involved with who many label as a ladies man. And as we recently reported, J.R. Smith has a rather interesting reputation when it comes to his dealings with women. In fact, the NBA player’s known to have a fetish for women with big booties, and seems to “love em and leave em” quite often. He even admitted not too long ago that he’s had a lot of women.

Well it looks like J.R. Smith might have already reverted to his alleged typical ways. If K. Michelle’s recent tweet is any indication, it appears that two are already having some issues:

k michelle and jr smith

And it also looks like that when someone asked J.R. Smith about a girlfriend, he said:

jr smith and k michelle

And interestingly enough, the two have not tweeted each other in a couple of days. And let’s not forget they have been tweeting each every day since they met a couple of weeks ago.

This could mean nothing, but with J.R. Smith’s reputation, we wouldn’t be shocked if J.R. Smith and K. Michelle have already ended their romance.


  1. Damn. That was quick. I heard he’s a dog though, so maybe it’s for the best. She needs to start dating better men. The proof of this guy’s lack of class is all over the internet. She should have googled his past relationships.

  2. I knew this wasn’t going to work from the get go. Why does she getting dating the same kind of guys? She has horrible taste. She can keep dating street guys all she likes, she’ll be in her 40s and single soon.

  3. Well ain’t this surprising… Face it, K. Michelle just has a knack of dealing with men that have no business in being in any sort of romantic relationship or even sex.

  4. Yes, this is the BEST K. Michelle can do. Don’t nobody want her crazy a–. She’ll hop on anyone that shows her a little attention at this point. Can’t blame her, I’d do the same thing if no one with anything to offer didn’t want me.

  5. It’s really time for K. Michelle to raise her standards. If she keeps dating these little cheating street dudes she won’t ever have a decent relationship.

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