K. Michelle Angers Fans For Cancelling Performance After Learning She Wasn’t the Headline Act

By: A.J. Niles

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s K. Michelle might have single handedly alienated her fan base in Tampa, Florida this past weekend due to a performance no-show on a bill featuring her, Lyfe Jennings and Musiq Soulchild. K. Michelle has been rumored to have developed a stank attitude after her appearance on the hit reality TV show Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. K. Michelle was a fire cracker on the show and it appears that the fireworks surrounding her are not dying down any time soon.

According to one source:

K Michelle was scheduled to open the show for Lyfe and headliner Musiq when she decided she was a bigger star and Lyfe should open for her. It appears K Michelle has forgotten Lyfe is a proven artist with several hit records, consistent GOLD albums and a HUGE fanbase. K Michelle reneged on her contract and refused to get out of the car to open the show. Over 3500 fans were disappointed as K Michelle refused to come onstage. The promoter tried to reason with K Michelle. “We did everything by the book, flights, hotels and travel. You need to apologize to your fans in Tampa” a promoter was overheard saying. K Michelle refused telling them to kiss her azz. The promoter then said “the b***h can keep doing bars for $5k. After the ordeal the radio station 95.7 The Beat in Tampa clowned her live on the air.

K. Michelle used her Twitter and Instagram accounts to address the situation and get her side of the story out to her numerous fans. However, the DJ during the show refuted her claims and proceeded to drag her on Twitter.

Lyfe Jennings also addressed K. Michelle and the situation on Twitter.

The story is developing. Check out footage of K. Michelle walking out of the venue with her fellow FAMU Rattler and Basketball Wives star Royce Reed attempting to talk her into performing. Let us know if K. Michelle has a legit beef with the promoter or did she just show out in the wrong way.



  1. LOL that DJ went in. I’m surprised she didn’t say anything back with that big a– mouth of hers. “I’m from Memphis!” Girl, sit yo a– all the way down! She’s lucky she was even invited. What hit songs does she have? Hit records? -_-

  2. Come on K. She’s really acting arrogant. I like her but I need her to calm it down. Lyfe is way more established as a singer than she is. Don’t burn your bridges. And why was Royce blowing her head up even more in the video though?

  3. I guess K. Michelle felt like she was more relevant than Lyfe. But Lyfe’s music catalog rumps hers as of now. She needs to be a little more humble. She just made up with Keysia Cole for the same reason. Smh.

  4. See this is why I don’t like K. Michelle and never liked her. She tries to play a victim, but in real life, she has a NASTY attitude. This is why she is alone and will stay that way. The show was a vehicle to expand her opportunities and revive her career, but her nasty attitude will close doors and kill her career.

  5. K. Michelle has no record deal. Why is she trippin about performing before Lyfe Jennings? If it was Music Soulchild and Lyfe Jennings, she definitely is not the star of the show. Both of these men have pretty sold fan bases and hit songs. I can’t name one song on K, Michelle’s mix tapes. Keyword being mix tapes. She’s not there yet as an artist to make these kinds of demands. And her friends need to get real with her before they help her ruin her career before it even starts. I like her on the show, but this is inexcusable.

  6. LOL at Royce cosigning her little funky attitude. Royce is in the same position. Bish got kicked off Basketball Wvies, but still thinks she has a “career.” Both of them are delusional.

  7. I can’t even defend K. Michelle on this one. And Royce’s commentary in the background is very telling. You can hear her telling K. Michelle that they only came there to see her and no one else. How insulting to the other two singers with way more experience in the businesses and years of great music.

  8. The one thing K. Michelle doesn’t understand or don’t care to realize that word of mouth could can ruin your career. We can make her or break her. That was very disrespectful to her fans and the other preformers. It’s gonna get to the point where no one is going to want to work with her. Lyfe did his thing and Musiq did too he just jazzed it up too much for me. But all and all thanks to the Lyfe and Musiq for staying true to their fans and giving their best. That’s why they are still around. Dedication pays off.

  9. I like K. Michelle, but she s definitely burning a lot of brides in the industry. Her attitude is really turning people off and I can understand why. She may not have liked that she wasn’t the star of the concert, but suck it up and show your fans that you are better than what everyone has been saying about you. That’s the grown thing to do.


  11. AND lyfe is a has been so shut it up!!! AND as for that fat a-s fat mouth dj…. he can try to get a better job AND stay out twinky AND pig feet isle at the convenient store…. find somebody else to start Sh-t wit cause it ain’t k!!

  12. It’s crazy about how everybody goes in without knowing the facts. Im pretty sure she knew she wasn’t headlining before the concert started so why would she wait till then to cancel…cause she wouldn’t! Their had to be some other reason behind the cancelation because she is very much so a professional business woman.

  13. Hell no everybody can’t be lyin and I was sick and still wanted to see kmichelle more than anybody and she just didn’t even come on here in Minnesota On thanksgiving we out ragged and disappointed I thoughshe was real and loved her fans smdh…

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