K. Michelle Says Rasheeda is Too Much of a Flop For Her To Hang Around Ever Again

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle has had an interesting last few days. The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star should be enjoying the peace that comes from the end of the first season of the smash hit, but instead, K. Michelle continues to make headlines for her rumored diva antics and well, because she is capable of going in on her cast mates in her interviews. K. Michelle have may pissed off a lot of her fans for cancelling her performance the other day when she wasn’t granted her request to headline the show over Lyfe Jennings and Music Soulchild, but she might piss of Rasheeda too with her recent comments regarding the rapper’s shaky music career and rap skills.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Wired, despite the friction that took place on the reunion show, K. Michelle says there is another reason she and Rasheeda won’t be hanging out ever again:

My relationship with Rasheeda is basically non existent. Since the reunion, I decided that…why even try to be friends or you know, if somebody can’t be your friend all the way in on everything, then you don’t have to be their friend. And I just decided that I was going to hang around women who have Grammys or had a shot at a Grammy.

And of course, K. Michelle thought it would be best to take shots at Rasheeda’s rap skills:

Prior to the show, I didn’t think of Rasheeda’s rap skills. I still don’t think of them. And when I do think of them, I have nightmares.

Check out the whole interview below:



  1. It’s apparent by the more and more interviews K. Michelle does that she has really gotten the big head. She needs to really humble herself.

  2. Pot meet Kettle. I really liked K. Michelle on the show, but does she really think she’s going to get a grammy when her attitude is so funky that folks don’t even want to work with her?

  3. I’m getting a little tired of K.Michelle’s immaturity. I can’t believe she is still talking about Rasheeda.

  4. I thought it was funny. Yes, K. Michelle is immature but she’s still funny as hell. I don’t take her seriously.

  5. SMH. When giving a bop a platform via reality television goes wrong…
    During the season, I could see interviews such as these. However, now that the show is over, K. Michelle needs to focus SOLELY on her career. I was so happy with the exposure she got as a result of being on the show, and the fact that she actually had talent was a plus! Silly me to think she would actually be appreciative of it and maximize the opportunity. Rasheeda actually IS a flop, but why are you focusing your energy on her when you should be talking about your music? It would’ve been so easy to throw shade with a simple response such as “who?” and move forward with the next subject, preferrably something pertaining to any of her projects coming out in the near future. But noooooooo, she’s still trying to be funny, coming off as a weird replica of Sheryl Underwood with the jokes. Somebody needs to bake her a humble pie and shove a piece down her throat quickly! Not Memph tho……

    P.S. Did she really think she’d headline over MUSIQ SOULCHILD?! I neglected to read that article, but gosh; Baby girl has lost it.

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