Joseline Addresses Her Controversial ‘Homophobic’ Rant & Relationship Status With Stevie J.

joseline hernandez

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez is known to get a little too reckless on Twitter, but she had everyone talking when she had what some are referring to as a homophobic rant on Twitter the other day.  After complaining about promoters sending emails to a fake account, she suddenly began to go off about a man who she just discovered is on the down low, and sleeping with men behind her back. While Joseline never named who she was referring to, many began to suspect that she was talking about Stevie J. And that’s simply because there have been rumors that alleged that Stevie J. is on the down low.

Here’s the tweets. We had to censor the many “F” words. Read from the bottom up:

joseline hernandez twitter

So when many blogs began to run with Joseline’s tweet and suggested she was referring to Stevie J., Joseline felt the need to address the controversy and set the record straight.

Turns out, Joseline was not talking about Stevie J., nor did she “dump” him either:

joseline hernandez twitter

Joseline also chose to inform people that she has a girlfriend:

joseline hernandez twitter


  1. Was it necessary for her to use the f word though? That was really offensive. She has way too many LGBT fans for that.

    1. Girl yes. It’s killing all of them to not be on TV right now. They will tweet and say anything to get some blog time.

  2. I always found it disturbing when grown women call a man that’s not their daddy…DADDY. It’s just gross and weird to me. I know, off topic, but I’m just sayin.

  3. This just reminds me why I miss LHHATL so much. Everything else on VH1 right now is just blah. I miss Joseline’s ratchet behind.

  4. Now I have heard that Stevie J. might go both ways. I am not sure how true it is but I think other publications definitely ran with this too quickly. They gotta start vetting these stories before they run em. They are losing credibility quickly.

    1. I never heard that about Stebbie but you are right about the media running with those tweets from Joseline – they assumed wrong.

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